Miracles at Divine Word International Ministries in VA

Bishop Adonteng Boateng's Image

By Sam Doku

Preachers in the ministry come in two forms: there are the ones who have the gift and anointing to heal and the ones with the gift to teach. Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng, founder and head pastor of Divine Word International Ministries in Alexandria, VA, belongs to the former.

At Divine Word International Ministries, miracles are happening as the partially blind and dumb make miraculous recoveries; Christians under spiritual attacks get their normal lives back; people at the end of demonic spells recover, and individuals being tormented by what the Bishop describes as marine spirits regain their normal lives.

This past Sunday, a young man who responds to the first name, Kofi and his mother, testified to the glory of the Almighty God with one such miracle. Kofi was a hardworking young man, when all of a sudden, he was struck by a strange disease a few months ago.

The disease deprived Kofi of his speech and sight, so he was institutionalized in VA for treatment. Kofi remained at the institution for seven months without any visible signs of improvement or recovery. Then, Kofi’s mother was advised by a member of Divine Word to take her son to Bishop Boateng for prayers and healing.

With all hope seemingly lost, Kofi’s mother listened and took her son to Divine Word, where through the miracle of prayer by Bishop Boateng and his blessed and diligent band of prayer warriors, the young man regained his sight and speech.

There is also a wheel-chair ridden gentleman, who the Bishop is praying for to cast out an evil spirit to enable him to get rid of the wheel chair. The swelling in both of the gentleman’s feet has subsided, and he has begun taking baby steps without the aid of the wheel chair.

“I have the gift and anointment to heal,” says Bishop Boateng. “It is a gift from Jesus, and I give Him all the glory.”

“Bishop Adonteng Boateng is one of the most powerful preachers I have encountered in my life,” says Matilda Boachie of Connecticut, who never misses a visit to his church anytime she finds herself in the DMV area. “Besides, he is humble, down-to-earth, and friendly. He never says ‘No’ to anybody so long as you are willing to come to him.”

Humility is a constant presence in the sermons of Bishop Boateng, for he fervently believes that an individual’s downfall is preceded by arrogance.

After receiving his calling, Bishop Boateng founded Divine Word International Ministries about seven years ago, and since then, the church has been growing from strength to strength just as his fame is spreading beyond the peripheries of the DMV area and the United States to Canada and beyond.

Next month, he will hold a crusade in Toronto, where he hopes to preach and pray fervently to save souls and heal the sick. His prayer line attracts many on a daily basis.

You can join the prayer line of Divine Word at 712-432-1615. The access code is 123123# from 10a.m.to12:30 p.m. each day and from 10 p.m. to12:30 a.m. each night. For more information, visit www.divineprayerline.org




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