Procrastination Is Cankerous and Disastrous, Warns the Man of God!

By Samuel O. Doku

(Oct. 16, 2016) “Don’t defer to tomorrow what you can do today” is a hackneyed but useful aphorism that is perpetually sounded into the ears of the youth. On Sunday, October 16, Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l elevated procrastination from a mundane level into a spiritual realm and admonished that procrastination is a canker that can lead to disastrous circumstances.

Two prominent members of the Amazing Love Church Ministry choir, Ms. Dolores Cox and Ms. Michelle Tchatat.

Two prominent members of the Amazing Love Church Ministry choir, Ms. Dolores Cox and Ms. Michelle Tchatat.

“Tomorrow is one of the most dangerous words used loosely because tomorrow is eternity, so if you have the habit of postponing things you can do today to tomorrow, stop it because it can lead to failure,” said Pastor Ntemi. “Take your destiny into your own hands; do not leave it in the hands of any one else because if you trust in God, He woudn’t fail you.”

Procrastination is the result of laziness, which is a deadly disease. Pastor Ntemi cited Proverbs 6 in which Solomon warns humankind of our phlegmatic behavior and the need to avoid it for a successful future. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. In all other places, work comes before success because hard work leads to success, for the most part” said he.

It's preaching time, and the congregation is reading to understand and appreciate Pastor Ntemi's sermon for the day.

It’s preaching time, and the congregation is reading to understand and appreciate Pastor Ntemi’s sermon for the day.

His sermon was grounded in Proverbs 24: 30-34: “I passed by the field of the lazy one. By the vineyard of the lazy man lacking sense. I saw that it was overgrown with weeds. The ground was covered with nettles. And its stonewall was broken down. I observed this and took it to heart. I saw it and learned this lesson: a little sleep, a little slumbering. A little folding of the hands to rest. And your poverty will come just like a bandit. And your want like an armed man.”

Pastor Ntemi noted that when Nehemiah was serving the king of Assyria and heard that the walls of Jerusalem had been dismantled, he did not procrastinate but went directly to the king and sought permission to return to Judah to restore the wall for the sovereignty and dignity of Jerusalem.’

“The wall of Jerusalem is symbolic of your body. When you are facing adversities in your life, don’t procrastinate in finding solutions to them. Like Nehemiah, rise up, keep your hope and confidence in God that He can help you overcome any challenge. Combine that with hard work, and you will succeed. Remember, there is virtue in dignity, so as Solomon advises us, be as industrious and as wise as the ant,” said Pastor Ntemi.

According to the pastor, the notion of dignity was so important to Solomon that he mentioned it in Proverbs 6 before reiterating it in Proverbs 24. Pastor Ntemi also asked the congregation to pray fervently for the pastors because on Saturday, Oct. 15, both he and his assistant, Pastor Jean Paul Ntap averted near calamities. While Pastor Ntemi’s front tire exploded on the highway, Pastor Ntap’s car was rear-ended.

He said that Satan targets those who are working hard to win souls for Christ, but Satan is a liar. and he should not be made to succeed in his diabolic ways. Pastor Ntemi concluded his sermon with the miracle of the Mountain of Transfiguration where Jesus, in the company of James and Peter, went and met with Moses and Elijah in the magnificence and glory of God. As usual, Evangelist Mrs. Mildred Ntemi graced the service with her presence to support her husband.

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