In Early Morning Devotion, Purveyor Emphasizes Unconditional Loyalty, Unfailing Love as Hallmarks of True Relationship and Friendship

“Be confronted with adversity and I’ll show you who your true friends are” was the fundamental tenet of Deaconess Sandrine Tankeu’s teaching during Amazing Love Church Ministry’s early morning devotion on the prayer line today. Basing her teaching on the remarkable loyalty and friendship between that existed between David and Jonathan in 1 Sam 20, the deaconess noted that the fierce and profound loyalty that existed between the two biblical men has become a rare commodity in our world today.

“Loyalty has become rare. Today in America, they say there is nothing like a free lunch, so whatever people do for you, they expect something in return. Employees are lackadaisical unless they know they will get a raise or bonus for their diligence; entrepreneurs care more about their profits than the welfare of their employees; family members betray their own because of lack of loyalty,” bemoaned Deanconess Tankeu.

Loyalty is now defined by a “What Is in It for Me (WIIIFM)” attitude and that tends to create distrust and doubt everywhere. Deaconess Sandrine observed that the precise definition of loyalty is that of loving kindness and unfailing love.

In affirmation of the golden rule, she said, “However, to benefit from loyalty, you must learn to be loyal. True loyalty has no conditions attached. It does not make concessions and doesn’t expect any benefits. A loyal person is special because you can trust him or her to be by your side in times of adversity when problems are staring directly at you.  But because there are no free lunches, we become suspicious when people are nice to us. The truth is we become suspicious because we are also not loyal,” said the deaconess in a pragmatic and matter-of-fact manner.

To substantiate her message for the day, Deaconess Tankeu referenced other biblical characters like Naomi and Ruth, whose relationship and bond were fortified through loyalty. Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi is legendary and brilliantly narrated in the Book of Ruth. “Are you loyal in bad times? or just a good-weather friend. We must renew our loyalty to God and the church. Show your loyalty to all. Sometimes, hurt and pain can take away our loyalty. But remember that Jesus will always be loyal to you if you are loyal to others. Jesus loves us passionately. . . . When he is for you, who can be against you? There are still loyal people in this world. Keep on showing unfailing loyalty, undying love, and steadfast faith and the Lord will bless you abundantly,” said Deaconess Tankeu.

The responder, Pastor Jean Paul Ntap was so impressed with Deaconess Tankeu’s theme of loyalty that he prayed for members of the church to exhibit loyalty to one another for the growth of the church. Pastor Ntap spoke of two sides to every story, hence, the need for testimony; “one story might be good and the other might be bad, so testimony is very important. Some come to church because they need a job, but if that need is not realized, they quickly stop coming. If you stop coming to church because of somebody, your faith is not in God; you are not loyal to God,” noted Pastor Ntap.

Pastor Ntap narrated the story of the rich man who lost all his friends, when he started having problems because those friends were not loyal ones. In effect, one must be careful of the friends one chooses.

Earlier on the prayer line, Pastor Ntap seemingly made a veiled allusion to the impact of racism and other mitigating factors that adversely affect minorities in this country with terminal degrees like Ph.D.’s but don’t have jobs. He called for prayers for such individuals for the Lord to pour his favor and blessings on them so that they can put their training and expertise to good use for the benefit of the nation.

In another development, Sunday, November 20 will mark a special day in the annals of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l because it will be the day of the celebration of the excellent work the pastors are doing in pastoring the congregation on a trajectory that helps them know and understand the Bible so that they can apply the biblical lessons to their own lives to the glory of God.

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Samuel O. Doku


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