Success in Life Depends on Perseverance and Determination

The contours and vicissitudes of life demand that when one is confronted with adversity, one should not fold one’s arms in abject self-abasement, but one must be determined and persevere until that difficult problem is turned around into a success story through a strong faith in God. This was the overriding message on this morning’s prayer line delivered by Mr. Cedric Kamwa of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l and moderated by Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi and Assistant Pastor Jean Paul Ntap.

After confessing God’s unfailing love for humankind, Brother Cedric, stated a familiar refrain in Senior Pastor Ntemi’s sermons, “We need to understand that God loves us, regardless of our shortcomings. We as humans are flawed; man can deceive you, but God won’t because he will always love you so long as you have faith in him. Sometimes, there may be setbacks but God can always turn them around,” said Mr. Kamwa, older brother of Elton.

The morning’s speaker reiterated that being confronted with adversity doesn’t mean one’s life was over.

“As a matter fact, difficult situations are part of life but perseverance is what takes you over the hurdle. Your difficulties don’t mean your life is over. It is possible that brighter days are still ahead of you. You can do all things through God who strengthens you. Without God, it is still possible that you can succeed, but it will be short-lived; it won’t last,” said Brother Cedric.

Mr. Kamwa asked participants to allow God to be the foundation of their knowledge and understanding, and they would experience breakthroughs where others might stumble and fall. Borrowing from Deaconess Mary Ribama’s message from yesterday, he noted, “When you succeed, the devil can step in through people around you to derail your success. You might not have the talent and the skills, but God can always lead you to succeed. With God you can succeed if you have faith in him.”

Mr. Kamwa also stated the inevitable fact that “sometimes the problem is us. Our level of determination is not deep enough, so we fall with the least temptation. Be determined and know that we have the love of God on our side. With God on your side, you have the ability to get up again and keep fighting to overcome difficult moments in your life.”

Brother Cedric observed that faith, perseverance, and determination increase through a deeper knowledge of God. “I pray for a higher level of understanding because God’s ways are not understandable to us. The level of your determination is dependent on your love of God. The problem with our faith is the shallow level of our engagement with the Lord,” said Brother Cedric, who grounded his message in Roman 8, Colossians 1, and Matt. 6: 24 that admonishes against the serving of two masters.

The respondent, Assistant Pastor Ntap analogized the life of a Christian to that of a successful entrepreneur and noted that there must be perseverance in every aspect of our lives. “The life of a Christian is just like a businessman. A successful businessman faces a lot of challenges but doesn’t give up. He perseveres until he becomes successful.  As a Christian, you will face many difficult situations, but if you rely on God, he will take you through them successfully.”

The assistant pastor said that relying and depending on God take preparation because without it, one can give up easily and destroy one’s life. “If you give $1 million to someone to do business, but he is not prepared and ready to do business, he would waste the money. With determination and perseverance, we as Christians are ready and prepared for God to take us from one level of glory to another,” said Pastor Ntap.

He reminded participants that when Joshua was chosen to lead the Israelites, God fortified him to be courageous because he knew Joshua would face a lot of problems. “In whatever situation you find yourself, be courageous, persevere for God is able. If God says ‘yes,’ no one can say ‘no.’ Don’ give up, if you know you are doing the will of God,” said Pastor Ntap.

In an era when President-elect Donald Trump will soon be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States, Pastor Ntap expressed some concerns about folks who have angst because of their immigration situations and might be losing sleep as a result of that. He asked them not to give up hope and their faith in God because they are children of God. “Your tomorrow will be better; God will prosper you because you are a child of God,” said Pastor Ntap.

Earlier in his prayers, Pastor Ntap invoked Psalm 106. More importantly, he intimated that Jesus Christ taught humankind an important lesson by allowing Judas Iscariot, one of his 12 disciples, to betray him for 30 pieces of silver. “This shows that those who end up betraying you will be the ones closest to you. Remember to ask for forgiveness, when you know you have sinned, for it’s not by our power or might; whatever we are is by the grace, mercy, and will of God,” said Pastor Ntap, who also read from Amos 12.

Samuel O. Doku



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