The Apostle of God’s Seven Pillars to Glorification and His Miracle at Pentecost, NY

Bishop Chris Raymond Ngwu explaining the need to practice the Seven Pillars of Christian Walk on a daily basis.

The first day of Amazing Love Church Ministry’s anniversary celebrations was a day of reflection and revelation to many of the members of the church and visitors present to witness Bishop Chris Raymond Ngwu’s preaching and teaching yesterday.

The topic for the evening was “School of Discipleship,” and indeed, the Bishop schooled the congregation in Christian doctrines that were informed by a deep faith in God interpolated with some of life’s stark realities.

After being introduced by Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi, Bishop Ngwu said he was, nevertheless, pleased to be in America at this particular time of the year because it’s a time for a biennial event that he hardly misses and praised the church for fasting and praying fervently to ensure he didn’t miss the anniversary celebrations of Amazing Love Church Ministry.

Bishop Ngwu then began his teaching by citing Philippians 2: 12-13, where Paul in a letter to the Philippians espoused them to take their salvation into their own hands with fear and trembling to the will and good pleasure of God.

According to Bishop Ngwu, apart from salvation, the three things that humankind cares most about are health, money, and security. The Bishop revealed that by the grace and mercy of the Lord, he has not been sick since 1985, the year in which he experienced the fullness and completeness of God and promised the congregation, “whatever sickness is ailing you, you will be well this week.”

Assistant Pastor Jean Paul Ntap leads the congregation to prepare to hear Bishop Chris Raymond’Ngwu’s message of faith, salvation, and glory.

The Bishop went on to narrate a miraculous moment in his ministry in Pentecost, NY. A man named Bob had a heart attack and died in a church where he was preaching. By then, he was in the middle of a prayer when a lady brought the news to him. By the time he finished praying, an ambulance was about to carry the body to the morgue, but he went there and told the medics to return the body to the church.

The medics started complaining that Bob was dead, so he belonged to the morgue, but he told them that Bob came to church, and that’s where he belonged, not the morgue. The medics reluctantly returned the body of Bob to the premises of the church, where he prayed and like Lazarus, Bob woke up from the dead. “There is life in the word of God. God doesn’t stress himself to do things . . . . He is sufficient unto himself. With faith, you can get everything from God,” said the Bishop.

With security, Bishop Ngwu noted that humankind is living in perilous times, and everyone is in danger everywhere, hence, the need to have God as the Watchtower over our lives. “Settle your stance with God and let him be in your heart,” he said.

When perilous times are mentioned in a sentence, September 11, 2001 and terrorist activities come to mind. In a prophetic message, Bishop Ngwu prayed for a stronger and a more powerful church in America under Donald Trump for the nation to be strengthened politically, economically, socially, culturally, and spiritually.

The main teaching of the evening, however, was on what the Bishop termed “The Seven Mountains (Pillars) of Christian Walk,” pillars when faithfully practiced lead to a Christian being a successful child of God.

The seven pillars that Christians must endeavor to practice holistically and completely every day for spiritual glorification and success in life are love, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, faith, work, and sacrifice.

On love, the Bishop said that God so loved the world that he gave his only beloved son to die so that we may have life. “So, you were born out of love. Every child of God is a seed of love. If you don’t have love in you, you are not a born-again Christian. No child of God is a hater. You are damnable and detestable if you are not on speaking terms with somebody, yet when it comes time for communion, you go and take it,” said Bishop Ngwu, noting, “God is love. The only way others can feel the love of God is through his children. Run away from people who don’t have  love.” The Bible highlights the need for love so many times that the man of God quoted a lot of passages in support of his teaching, including Matt. 22, 1 John 4: 7, 17; Isaiah 9, and 2 Tim. 1:7.

On wisdom, he grounded the need for us to exercise wisdom in everything we do as Christians in Proverbs 24: 2-3, 1Corinthians 1: 30 Isaiah 11:1-3, and James 1: 5, and postulated that there are two categories of wisdom—carnal or natural wisdom and spiritual wisdom that emanates from God Almighty.

“As Christians, you operate from the spiritual wisdom from above. You can’t compete in the world with natural wisdom. Competing in the world must depend on God’s wisdom,” said Bishop Ngwu. He then recalled the story of Joseph who went from the slave block to becoming the prime minister of Egypt because of God’s spiritual wisdom that he bestowed on him. “Wisdom greater than Solomon’s is living in you; it is the spirit of God; use it.”

When he came to the third pillar, righteousness, Bishop Ngwu indicated that God functions by righteousness, which is acting right. God does not function on goodness because some things may be good but they may not be right. As an example, he cited the reading of the Bible which is a good thing, but when one reads at work when one is supposed to be working, it becomes a wrong act.

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that, ye always having sufficiency in all things may abound in every good work,” said Bishop Ngwu, citing 2 Corinthians 9: 8. “There are some great people you attract when you do the right thing, live right, speak right, dress right, and behave right.”

The fourth pillar is sanctification, which is not simply avoidance of evil, but it is about living a holy life. “The first sign of holiness is power. Holiness means you are at one with your thought, word, and action. It means you are complete and one with God. Cor. 3: 3 says whatsoever you do in word or deed, do unto Jesus. Your natural brother is not more important than your spiritual brother.

On faith, the Bishop noted that it is the substance of things hoped for. Heb. 11: 3 says the righteous must live by their faith. There is no room for doubt. Among the scriptures he cited were James 1: 6, and Rom. 14:  23, 33. He emphasized that James was the first of Jesus’s disciples to be killed because of his faith and John was put in boiling oil but he did not die.

In the end, he had to be ex-communicated on a remote island from where he wrote Revelation. “Faith is assurance; anything without faith is sin. Faith without work is dead. Walk by faith, not by sight. Your work determines your faith,” said the man of God.

The last pillar is sacrifice, which he said is not merely giving away something that is important to you or something that you need. “Sacrifice can be as simple as forgiving your enemy. Sacrifice comes from the heart and that’s what God looks at. The Lord doesn’t despise a broken heart,”  he said, and cited Psalm 126.

The celebrations, through the teaching of the word and prayers, continue this evening from 7-9 p.m.

Samuel O. Doku



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