In Empowering Message, Bishop Chris Ngwu Has Exorcized Demons, Healed the Mortally Sick, and Raised the Dead to Help Christians Believe in the Power of the Holy Ghost

In the words of Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi, Bishop Chris Raymond Ngwu’s visit to Amazing Love Church Ministry to teach, minister, and preach to us is like God himself sending one of his angels to come and deliver the word to Christians.

And, how truthful his statement is, especially to those fortunate enough to hear the preaching and testimonies of God’s apostle from Africa in the past three days.

Bishop Ngwu’s testimonies include raising a dead man, Bob, in Pentecost, NY; praying to heal a man whose liver was failing and had been condemned to die by his doctors, exorcising an obdurate demon from a woman who vamoosed into a bucket of water but returned and threw up fish to be free, and delivering his family from the snare of the devil’s intimidating strategy in the early days of his ministry, just to mention a few of his miracles.

In a chilling revelation, Bishop Ngwu told the congregation yesterday of how through the power of the Holy Ghost, he heard a bird speaking and a vulture in a coat telling him that he had been able to free himself from the devil, but he wouldn’t be able to save his family from them. But, the talking bird and the coat-sartorialed vulture were all overpowered by the apostle of God when he invoked the power of the Holy Ghost on them.

Revealing how he became a powerful man of God, Bishop Ngwu noted that there should be no alternative to God and no compromise on his word. It should be non-negotiable.  “As a Christian,” he said, “it’s important that you don’t desire for the flesh and you don’t live duplicitous lives. You should not be carnal-minded because it leads to death, the graveyard. If you don’t live by faith, a rooster can kill you. Some think to err is human, so they deliberately sin. Don’t pretend; don’t lie to yourself because nothing is more dangerous than self-deception.”

On duplicity, the apostle of God noted that he who knows what is right and does not do it receives more condemnation. “When it comes to sin, it’s about what you know,” citing James 4: 17. “Therefore, if someone knows how do right and does not do it, it is sin to him.”

He added 2 Corinthians 3: 3 to support the injunction. “For you are shown to be a letter of Christ written by as us, ministers, inscribed not with ink but the spirit of a living God, not on stone tablets but on fleshly tablets, on hearts.”

Bishop Ngwu went on, “You are the temple of Christ. Whatever defiles the temple is destroyed; stop sinning against your body. We don’t please God because we have a mediocre attitude when we are serving him. Serve him in the realm of culture; that is, you think about him, and act on it to become your habit which then becomes your character and your character can pervade the community to help make you a better  Christian and your community a better place, for Christ has made you free.”

The apostle also averred that the attitudes of some Christians, who blame Satan and their ancestors for every mishap in their lives is not healthy because Satan is not omnipresent, so blaming him for everything is unduly empowering him. “Instead of identifying discerning spirits with the Holy Ghost, you identify them with Satan. The Holy Spirit is a sweet spirit. Perfection is Jesus Christ. He is not average; he is the alpha in everything. In American politics, you can disagree to agree, but with God, you must agree with him all the time; otherwise, you won’t go far.” He referred the congregation to Galatians 5:1.

On ancestral demons, the consul of God also observed that President Barack Obama has an African ancestry, but he rose to become the leader of the free world. “If ancestral spirits have any powers, they wouldn’t have allowed Obama to become the President of the United States. Jesus had a bad ancestry, but he became the savior of the world. The gospel of suffering is popular in Africa. But, there is no evil in God. Out of the abundance of his heart, God speaks. Don’t judge people; correct them.”

More importantly, Bishop Ngwu expressed his disenchantment with certain aspects of Christianity that adamantly refuse to exercise the unity of faith found in Judaism or even, among some secret societies, fraternities, and sororities. “Every prophet must speak about the oracle of God. Until unity of faith, knowledge, and understanding in Christ is preached powerfully, we’ll continue to have problems in the Church. God didn’t make life to become complicated. The worst Christian is better than the best unbeliever; you must know this to enter into the anointment of God, for he said, ‘you shall find me when you seek me.’”

Among the scriptures he cited yesterday in support of his preaching were Heb. 5 and 6, Isaiah 58, Mark 9, Proverbs 7: 22,1 Corinthians 10:21, Deuteronomy 30: 19, Acts 10: 13, and Luke 11: 13.

Yesterday, the apostle of God recalled the sermon at Pentecost, where Jesus’s disciples prayed for 3,000 people to receive the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. Bishop Ngwu prayed and some congregation members received the Holy Ghost and started speaking in tongues.

Pastor Ntemi expressed his profound appreciation for the Bishop’s visit and prayed for God to continue to bless his ministry superfluously so that he would be able to impact many more lives with the word of God.

Today, Apostle Ngwu will focus on healing and praying. It starts at 7 p.m. at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l located at 3600 East/West Highway, Hyattsville. For more information, call 240-764-6468. See you there!

Samuel O. Doku





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