Pastor Georges Ntemi Tells Christians to be Wary of Doubting God’s Word

The apostle of God, Pastor Georges-William Ntemi delivering a sermon of hope and salvation yesterday.

Members of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l feel perennially blessed to have pastors and a church mother who are passionate about the word of God and because the human condition is flawed with forgetfulness, members are always reminded of the do’s and don’ts of righteousness or doing and acting right.

When the apostle of God, Pastor Georges Ntemi took the podium on Sunday to preach, after simultaneously hosting Bishop Chris Ngwu and traveling overseas, he was naturally exhausted on his return, but he was still his invigorating and energetic self in his sermon in which he cautioned Christians everywhere on the temptation of doubting God’s word.

In his usual textual sermon strictly grounded in the Bible, the apostle of God used two biblical examples to emphasize the importance of trusting God, obeying his word, and worshipping him only, right acts that must be devoid of any traces of doubt.

He began his sermon by asking the congregation if anyone remembered his sermon of a couple of weeks earlier, but because he was not teaching a bible study class, he didn’t wait for any responses, as he quickly cited 1 Sam.7: 1-13.

“For twenty years, God was missing in the lives of the Israelites because they moved away from the Lord and started worshipping Baal which is a metaphor for the devil. But, God sent Samuel to their rescue and after he had sacrificed a suckling lamb on behalf of the Israelites to atone for their doubt and disobedience, God sent a loud thunder among the Philistines, the enemies who were pursuing them, and they started panicking. God then empowered the Israelites to chase and overpower the Philistines. After their victory, Samuel placed a stone between Mizpah and Shen and named it Ebenezer, meaning “the Lord has helped us,” Pastor Ntemi reminded the congregation.

The congregation receives Pastor Ntemi’s message with gratitude.

The apostle of God then assured the congregation that no matter the enormity of the situation or problem confronting them, God will come to their rescue just like he rescued the Israelites from devil worshipping. “When all avenues have been exhausted and there are no breakthroughs, the Lord Jesus will be there for you. Remember that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess at the mention of his name. That’s where your blessings come from. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and everything shall be added on to it,” he added, quoting from Matt. 6: 33.

The man of God mentioned the story of Job as symbolic of a man’s boundless trust and unbelievable faith in God, noting, “Satan went to God and sought permission from him to go and test Job’s faith. In one day, Satan killed everything that belonged to Job, including his children except his wife, but he never stopped trusting in God’s mercy. He tore his clothes, shaved his head and started worshipping God more than before. Later, God replenished and restored what he had ten times more,” reiterated Pastor Ntemi.

He issued an injunction: “Don’t doubt God, for doubt is of the devil. The Lord says, ‘I’m your father; you belong to me. . . . I’ll hold your hand and bless you abundantly. I’ll cause my glory to shine upon you; I’ll take you from a nobody to a somebody, from nothing to something.’ Serve him only because no one can serve two masters. The Lord will rescue you when you serve him only,” declared the man of God.

The name of the Lord is magnified and glorified at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l.

He emphasized that because of doubt, the Israelites made a cancer out of their suffering, and demon worshipping became their career. “Don’t make a career out of your problem. If you dwell on your sickness or problem and make a career out of it, it would destroy you. . . . Instead, proclaim the glory of God by saying, ‘sickness, this body doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to the Lord my savior, and you will be healed.’ He holds the seven seas in the palm of his hand, so there is nothing he can’t do.”

After re-assuring his congregation that there is nothing the Lord can’t do for us, if only we’d trust in him and wouldn’t doubt, he turned his focus on the miracle of Jesus walking on the Sea, as proclaimed in Matt. 14.

The man of God reiterated that when Christ was told that John Baptist had been beheaded, he and his disciples boarded a ship and left, but they were followed by over 5,000 people, including men, women, and children, so he had compassion on them. He stopped and healed the sick among them and fed them with just five loaves and two pieces of fish. After that he sent his disciples away on the ship while he dispersed the multitude.

Jesus then went on a mountain to pray, but his disciples couldn’t reach the other side because a fierce wind was blowing in the opposite direction, during which the disciples became sordidly afraid. On the fourth night, the disciples saw Jesus returning and walking on the water. Initially when they saw him, they thought they had seen an apparition, a ghost, so He said to them, “It is I; don’t be afraid.”

Peter shouted, “O Lord, if it’s you, command me to come to you.” And, Jesus said, “Come.” Peter then started walking on the water, but when the winds got stronger, he became afraid, so he started sinking. There upon, he shouted, “Lord save me,” and Jesus stretched his hand and saved Peter. Peter’s moment of doubt, even when he was with the Master compelled, Christ to say, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt”?

“Jesus Christ was God and he knew the importance of prayer. Prayer is first choice, not the last. Every miracle of Christ came naturally to him because of his prior prayers. When Peter wanted to walk on the sea, Christ issued a one-word command, “Come,” and Peter started walking on the sea. He didn’t say, ‘Peter walk on the sea in the name of God.’ Whosoever the son of God sets free, he is free forever,” said the apostle of God.

Pastor Ntemi noted that the one-word command to Peter constituted both direction and action to symbolize the accomplishment of everything. “Jesus was confident on the waves, but Peter was afraid. When God answers your prayers, don’t be afraid. When you see an ad on Google for a vice president of a company and God tells you to apply for it, do it; don’t be afraid.”

To those who profess to be Christians but still tie their destinies with some long-dead ancestors, the man of God had a message for them, proclaiming loud and clear: “Don’t believe in any ancestral spirits. They are dead and gone. Jesus is using your situation to come to you; therefore, don’t doubt. He is your Savior, your El Shaddai, your Elohim. He is your Jehovah God.

“Take courage and trust in him. No matter how serious your sickness or financial problems are, nothing is too difficult for him. He can take care of your needs if you believe in him. He is your provider; he is there to rescue and save you; truly, he is the son of the living God,” Pastor Ntemi affirmed the greatness and glory of God in his conclusion.

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