Messages on Prayer Line Proclaim Christianity as Too Powerful to be Dismayed by Attacks

The plowing of a Christmas market in the capital of Germany, Berlin, yesterday by an unknown assassin seemingly suggests that some depraved fundamentalists are targeting Christianity to plunder and instill fear into the lives of Christians. Whatever the motives of the attacker(s) are, they simply are morons, who don’t know that true believers in the word of God are not discombobulated by coercive tactics to intimidate and circumvent them from worshipping God.

The Berlin attacker used an articulator to mow down 12 innocent people shopping for the Yuletide while injuring over 40 others. Last week, there was an attack in a church in Egypt that also claimed lives. Not only that but also a church in northern Nigeria suddenly collapsed during worship, killing several dozens of worshippers.

However, the Biblical stories of Job, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as well as Daniel in the Old Testament and of John the Baptist, Jesus Christ himself, James, Peter, Paul, and John in the New Testament testify to the courage of God’s children. From the ashes of suffering, pain, persecution, denial, and betrayal, Christianity rose and soared.

From that perspective, attacks like the ones in Berlin and Egypt don’t necessarily signify end times; they only fuel the resolve of Christians everywhere to remain steadfast and confident in their prayers and trust in the Lord that in times like these, the children of God always prevail to glorify and illuminate his name.

In his sermon on Sunday, the apostle of God, Pastor Georges Ntemi sewed the fabric of his message around the thematic framework of doubt and used Job’s story as symbolic of boundless faith and profound trust in the Lord. In earlier sermons and teachings, both Pastor Ntemi and his assistant, Pastor Jean Paul Ntap alluded to the brilliance of Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel in their defiance in refusing to worship false gods, a refusal grounded in the confidence, trust, and faith they had in Jehovah God.

In messages delivered on the prayer line yesterday and today, the purveyors, Dr. Sandrine Tankeu and Ms. Michelle Tchatat echoed the sermons and teachings at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l, espousing the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence of the Lord and the need for capitulation of secular interests for the focus to be on God Almighty.

Dr. Tankeu, who is also a deconess, noted among other things: “Our enemies, most of the time, are ourselves due to lack of action and lack of faith by allowing the devil to rule our lives. Regardless of the problems you are facing, know that the Holy Spirit is also there for the broken-hearted. If you feel your life is a failure, fear not for God is promising to restore what’s been lost. Be the master of your fate and captain of your soul in the march to the kingdom of God,” she said in a phraseology that reminds literature students of Ernest William Henley’s “Invictus” meaning, ”Unconquerable.”

The Deaconess began her morning’s message with a stark reminder of the dangerous world in which we live today and was glad that in spite of the calamities, Amazing Love Church was able to celebrate its first anniversary last week. She read Isaiah 51: 1-7 and predicted that many lives would be transformed for the better in the coming year, 2017.

“The Holy Spirit will take away the ashes of the old and replace them with new anointing in the New Year. Oil of joy will be poured on those who are mourning . . . . The Lord will bless the Church so much that we’ll be able to minister more unto others. Let’s seek first his kingdom and everything shall be added on to it. The Church will grow and expand, and we will receive double portions of grace, wealth, and blessing,” said Dr. Tankeu, among other things.

This morning, Ms. Tchatat asked everyone to pray with confidence and noted that Christians should not pray as if they don’t need anything from God. She predicated her message on Exodus 3: 7-21. She said God heard the misery of the Israelites in Egypt, so he chose Moses to deliver them from Pharaoh.

In the same vein that God told Moses, “I am that I am,” and empowered him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, if you call on him, he is the deliverer, the provider, the pillar, the healer, so he is willing to intervene on your behalf if you are ready.”

She assured participants not to worry or be dismayed about anything because the Good Lord will always be with us. “God established covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and kept his promises; God will fulfill his promises in your life. If you trust and believe in him, you would not leave empty-handed. Be ready for your promise, prosperity, victory, and glory from God,” Ms. Tchatat noted.

Pastor Ntap moderated and observed that it’s important for Christians to confess the blessings of the Lord in our lives. “Sometimes, we allow our circumstances to frustrate and torment us. But if you seek the face of God, through prayer and fasting, he’ll be there for you. Next year is your year. Put God first and trust him and his glory will shine on your family, your job, education, business, and on your life.”

He also noted that God wouldn’t forsake the ones who serve him diligently and loyally and added, “Put your faith in the Lord because he’ll make his way for you in your life.

He reminded participants of the killing of the Russian ambassador to Turkey  in Ankara and the vehicular murder in Berlin and repeated the familiar refrain: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and don’t compromise your life,” said the man of God.

Samuel O. Doku



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