Overcoming Obstacles through Confidence and Trust in God and through Communication

This morning, it was the turn of high school senior, Ms. Nahodia Wese to deliver the early morning message on the prayer line of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l, and did she perform? Grounding her message in Joshua 6: 1-26, Ms. Wese exuded a precocious explication of the biblical text far beyond her experience and age.

Primarily, the text that informed Ms. Wese’s message focused on Joshua’s confidence in the Lord and his communication skills that propelled him to help the Israelites take control of Jericho on their return from Egypt. Indeed, they not only took charge of the city but also, razed it to the ground, sparing only the lives of Rahab and her family and everything that belonged to her.

Joshua allowed his soldiers to spare Rahab’s life because she had hidden two young spies Joshua had sent as an advanced guard to do a feasibility study on the city, and they promised her that if the Israelites emerged victorious from the battle against the occupants of the land, they would spare her life and that of her family.

Ms. Wese, then, cleverly and brilliantly wove the fabric of her delivery on the way and manner in which Christians can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles confronting them by having faith and confidence in the Lord. She began by having participants repeat, “the Lord is I am that I am,” after her before reading the verses.

When she finished with the verses, she analogized the typical life of a Christian to the Israelites and the obstacles they confronted with the occupation of their city. Although Joshua had his army of God, he didn’t rush to attack the city when they arrived at the city gates that were firmly secured. Rather, Joshua decided to communicate with the fully and heavily armored commander standing as a watch man at the gate.

In the conversation, Joshua realized that the commander was an angel of God who was waiting for the Israelites to arrive to instruct them on what they had to do before they would be able to take over the city. Joshua listened with rapt attention and got all the information he needed for onward delivery to his men, which resulted in their success in conquering Jericho.

She observed that in the course of all this, Joshua was quiet on the information he had, only divulging them one day at a time to his soldiers. “Sometimes, silence is key to our success,” she pointed out.

Ms. Wese observed that the secured gates are similar to the spiritual crossroads Christians reach in moments of adversities and problems. In such dire moments, Sister Nahodia noted, “When you reach crossroads in your spiritual lives, God has a reason why he has allowed you to face the obstacles. The obstacles can be overcome through communication and confidence in the Lord.

“Just like Joshua and the Israelites cried unto God, and Joshua’s confidence led to his ability to communicate with the commander, who told him what to do, God can help you overcome your obstacles by revealing to you the knowledge and understanding you need to succeed. However, it is important for you to know how to pray to God to enable him to intervene. Trusting in him and faithfully obeying his word are key,” said the young sister

She mentioned instances, where archetypal men of God like Moses and Abraham communicated with the Lord in crossroad moments. Moses’s parting of the Red Sea and Abraham’s covenant with the Lord are crucial examples.

Emphatically, she cited Jeremiah 29: 11-14, verses in which the Lord unequivocally declares to the Israelites that if one seeks him with all of one’s heart, he would fulfill his promises.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

She cited Psalm 23 as grounded in the confidence that empowered David to kill a lion and a bear with his bare hands. “If you have confidence and faith in God, you can accomplish great things. When you walk in the ways of the Lord, you can overcome any obstacle. He is I am that I am, so he will help you with your needs,” Ms. Nahodia Wese concluded her message, brimming with confidence and satisfied that she had been led by Jesus Christ himself to deliver the morning’s message of hope and assurance.

Pastor Jean Paul Ntap, who moderated, corroborated the morning’s message, and noted that with Christ, one could conquer all things. “Compromising on things that are not Godly should not be part of our lives. We need the grace of God in our lives for our victories,” Pastor Ntap noted.

He affirmed that Christians should trust God like Joshua did. “Joshua knew the battle was God’s. He didn’t put his trust in man, but he depended on God’s knowledge and understanding. In any obstacle, don’t depend on your own wisdom and knowledge; leave it to God to take care of it for you. He is the author and finisher of our lives,” said the man of God.

Earlier, Pastor Ntap had observed that the whole world is living in troubled times, so there is the need for a visionary to save it. He quoted from Proverbs 29, which consents to people needing a visionary to save them from perishing.

To Christians, he asserted that we should stop dwelling on a past that God had buried in the bottom of the ocean and surround ourselves with visionaries and dreamers so that our dreams and goals in life are not derailed by manipulators whose only objective is to kill dreams.

However, Pastor Ntap noted that in spite of manipulators parading as prophets, there are really some good human beings out there. He said at a point in his life, he was stranded but an excellent human being took him in and provided for him for three months until he could stand on his feet. “If God is with you, glory will always be yours,” said Pastor Ntap and reminded participants that as usual, there would be Bible Study today at 7 p.m.

Samuel O. Doku




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