Understanding your Purpose in Life and Totally Committing to God

The biblical story of twin brothers, Esau and Jacob, is a complex one replete with themes of predestination, love, loyalty, betrayal, perfidy, and even, sheer wickedness. So, when Ms. Michelle Tchatat used Gen. 25: 25-37  and 27: 25: 30 to inform her teaching on the prayer line of Amazing Love Church Ministry on Dec. 27, she courageously took on a part of the Bible to explicate where many pastors are wary of treading.

Sister Michelle titled her teaching, “Knowing your Purpose in Life” and using it as a cautionary tale, she surmised that Esau despised his birthright, so he decided to sell it to his twin brother Jacob for, as the scripture says, “some bread and lentil stew” because he was terribly hungry.

In a rhetorical question, Sister Michelle asked, “Do you wait for the best or settle for the little, unimportant things in life? Esau sold his birthright to his brother, Jacob for stew because he despised his right as the firstborn. Sometimes, we forget the purpose of God for us in our lives and settle for the little things in life when we should wait for him. The purpose of God for you is to prosper, to be abundant, to be a winner as a Christian. Wait for your blessings from God.”

Ms. Tchatat noted that prosperity and blessings are supposed to be the lot of Christians, and she quoted Matt. 6: 33 in support thereof. “Seek ye first his kingdom and righteousness . . ..” She pointed out that Esau didn’t wait for his blessings; that’s why he didn’t stand up to his brother and willingly sold his birthright to him. She added: “Sometimes, you need to take by force what the devil wants to steal from you. Understand your purpose. You’re blessed; may be, you don’t know it, but you are richly blessed.”

The morning’s moderator, Pastor Jean Paul Ntap analogized that “as Christians, we sometimes sell our birthright to the kingdom of God with our lifestyles. Jesus knew that the devil wanted to steal his birthright from him on the Mountain of Temptation, so he rebuked him and dismissed Satan from his life. Whatever you do in the house of God, check yourself to ensure you’re doing the right thing.”

This morning, Mr. Cedric Kamuah seemingly continued from where Ms. Tchatat stopped yesterday, with a strong reminder to participants not to forget the fundamental blueprint of Christianity, which is committing fully to worshipping and serving God.

Mr. Kamuah cited Proverbs 16: 3, which reads, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.” After stating the denotative meaning of commitment, he pointed out that Christianity and life in general operate on the principle of reciprocity. “To truly know God, you must exhibit a high level of commitment to him. For you to receive your blessings, you must sacrifice to fulfill the promise of God in your life.”

Brother Cedric observed that any endeavor in life requires a level of commitment to ensure success. “To maintain a relationship, you need commitment. To be successful in your marriage, you need commitment; to be successful in your education, you need commitment, and to be successful in your business ot job, you need commitment,” Mr. Kamuah stated in a mixture of anaphora and epistrophe.

He said that commitment to God places him at the center of your plans, and they come with success because if God is for you, no one can conquer you.  “Without commitment, a Christian life lacks purpose. You are limited without God, and you can’t get to where you need to be in life. Commitment comes with faith, and faith comes by enduring in the word of God,” said Brother Cedric.

In a pronouncement that alludes to the parable of the sower, Brother Cedric said that going to church means one must practice what’s being preached to bring about righteousness in one’s life. “Make a commitment to God, for with the spirit of commitment, there is nothing you cannot do,” said Mr. Kamuah on a high note.

Respondent Pastor Jean Paul Ntap pointed out that it is important for everyone to know that there is no successful life without commitment. “Just as you need commitment to succeed in your education, finances, and business, you need the same commitment to God to be blessed. But, sometimes, we love God and the world, so there are struggles. There is no blessing in refusing to pay your tithes as a Christian,” Pastor Ntap pointed out, among other things. Bible Study today, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016 starts at 7 p.m.

Samuel O. Doku




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