Michelle Tchatat Rips Apart Christians with Cain’s Heart

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). Ms. Michelle Tchatat reminded Christians on the prayer line of Amazing Love Church Ministry on the need to divest themselves of evil and be true worshippers of the Lord instead of craving for unnecessary attention in the House of God.

She framed her early morning devotional on the topic, “What type of Christian are you?” and quickly went to work by reading Genesis 4: 3, in which Cain, out of envy and jealousy, killed his brother Abel because the Almighty God, who knows what’s in the heart of everybody, wouldn’t accept Cain’s sacrificial burnt offering but accepted Abel’s.

Ms. Tchatat expounded: “Because of the heart of Cain, God didn’t accept his offering. Cain and Abel saw the face of God, but only Abel received God’s glory. We are all under the same Spiritual Father. Do we have the heart of Cain or the heart of Abel? You can’t claim to love your sister or brother and at the same time be envious and jealous of them. Are we serving God because we want to show off or we want to have a relationship with him?”

She intimated that the desire of every Christian should be focused on building a relationship with God and should not be an attention-seeking mission to please others in hopes of being acknowledged and recognized. “We should do things because we love and want to please God so that we will have favor in his sight. In your desire to please God, some will appreciate your good deeds, and others will not, but don’t stop,” noted Sister Michelle.

She narrated a story of a father and his son who embarked on a journey with a horse. While the father was riding the horse, the son was walking. Then they heard people gossiping about the father being inconsiderate because he was riding while the son was walking; they swapped positions. Still, others complained that the son lacked compassion for his father when he was riding and the father was walking. As a result, they got off the horse and started walking. Still, some thought both were were stupid to be walking while they had a horse with them.

The morale of her story is that whatever you do, people will have something to complain or say about it, so just be true to God and to yourself and do what is right. “Whatever you do, someone will always find fault with it. But do it because you are determined to be one with God. If it’s the right course of action, it wouldn’t bother you. Your primary desire must be to love God,” noted Sister Michelle.

In further analysis of Cain’s murky and disrespectful attitude in front of God, Ms. Tchatat explained that Cain’s face was downcast because his heart was filled with the spirit of Satan. “When you open one door to sow a seed for the devil, you would bear his fruits and reap them. If you are angry and you sustain it because of envy and jealousy, you don’t have the spirit of God in you.

“What’s your heart’s desire? Pastor Georges said we must know the principle of God for us to reap our blessings this year. We need to apply God’s principles to our life, because we can only reap what we have sown,” she said, packing a lot of wisdom and intelligence into her assertion.

Ms. Tchatat then shifted her attention on to God’s culture, with his goodness that results in his enduring love. Goodness that leads to righteousness comes from the depths of one’s heart. Associated with the purity of the heart is love that is selfless and genuine, which comes by sowing the seed of God in your heart.

“Anyone who does not do what is right is not the child of God. You must sow the seed of God in you to be righteous. We must love one another. We can’t love and be envious at the same time. From another dimension, if you have love and envy in your heart at the same time, it means you are a house divided, so you can’t stand. Are we serving God, because we love him and want to serve him, or we want to show off,” she concluded pensively.

Pastor Jean Paul Ntap testified to the instant dramatic and spiritual impact of Ms. Tchatat’s teaching on him by admitting that the teaching has taught him a lesson. “Teachings like this are good because they help us grow in our spiritual lives. Humility should lead us to accept and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ in whatever they are doing. The Church of God should be the place of unity where we can help one another. If we are not together in the same spirit, how can we grow?” said Pastor Ntap.

The prayer line will be on again tomorrow from 5-6 a.m. in French, and Minister Victoire Abada will deliver the message. The number to dial is 1-302-202-1108 with access code 165038.



About Dr. Sam Doku
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