Michelle Tchatat Connects the Dots with Ezekiel and the Vision in the Valley of Dry Bones

By Samuel O. Doku, (Washington, DC). The story of the vision of Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones is a beloved story that is analyzed with religious and literary lenses, so when Ms. Michelle Tchatat announced that she had chosen the famous story of Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 to inform her delivery, she set many minds, including mine, boggling on the prayer line of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l on Monday morning.

The prayer line on Monday was special because for the first time, a different voice other than that of Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi or Pastor Jean Paul Ntap moderated. The voice that helped bring variety on the line was that of no other person than the president of the Women’s Ministry, the first lady and evangelist Mrs. Mildred Ntemi.

The vision of Ezekiel in which God asked him to breathe life into the dry bones in the valley for them regain their lives is interpreted as the murky experience of the Israelites in slavery in Babylon. The vision was a revelation that the Israelites would regain their freedom and return to the land of their ancestors.

Ms. Tchatat analogized Ezekiel’s vision with the theme of perception that informed Senior Pastor Ntemi’s sermon on Sunday. She paraphrased the Senior Pastor and noted that people’s perception of greatness might not be too far away, but sometimes, the only barrier or hindrance could be the individuals themselves.

“If you perceive that it is not possible for you to see light at the end of the tunnel, you wouldn’t see the light. In situations where there is nothing good, what do you do? The Scripture says life and death are in the power of the tongue. When Ezekiel found himself in the valley of the dry bones, he spoke life and sinew into the bones, and they became alive,” said Ms. Tchatat.

Just like Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego, and Daniel found themselves in dire and impossible situations in Babylon, and God protected them because of their faith in Him, Ms. Tchatat observed that one could find one’s self in a difficult situation, but if one is with God, He would extricate that individual from the problem.

“Once you are with God, there is no difficult situation he can’t get you out of. If you follow God’s directions, he would provide you with your needs. Entrust your destiny into His hands, and He will elevate you from one degree of glory to another,” assured Ms. Tchatat.

She briefly mentioned the flight of the Israelites from Egypt and noted that when they got to the Red Sea, some of the Israelites thought it was over, and that they were going to be returned into slavery. But the glorious and living God, who sees and knows all things was with them, so He empowered Moses to part the Sea with his staff for them to cross.

“You have to be able to believe because you see. The way you perceive things is the way you come out of them. Like Moses, you have to walk, work, and act according to your belief in God, and you will see His wonders. And, in all things, always be thankful. Persevere in your thoughts about Him, and He will provide you with your needs more exceedingly and more abundantly,” noted Sister Michelle.

She stated that sometimes the best prayer is to just open up to God, pour yourself and ask Him to shower His blessings upon you, and you would receive what He has in store for you.

“Although things happen in life, God didn’t create us to be sad and sorrowful for the Scripture says that He will move you from one degree of glory to another, not from one sorrow and sadness to another. God’s covenant with us is filled with the blood of Jesus, so put your trust and hope in Him because there was nothing he did that didn’t work.”

Ms. Tchatat advised that people of God must not feel comfortable in arduous situations, because it’s only when discomfort and unrest set it due to one’s strenuous situation that one moves to do something about the situation.

“If the situation is beyond the limits of your capability and ability, don’t sit down and wallow in self-pity for others to have sympathy for you. Pray and live it in the hands of God. He will find a way for you,” said Ms. Tchatat.

She enjoined Christians always to perceive life with a profound sense of optimism and invoke only positive things into their lives. “Believe in yourself. For the Lord we serve is I am that I am; He is Jehovah Nisi. If He is for us, who can be against us. If you believe and trust that He is, he will prosper you and provide you with your needs more than you have imagined,” said Ms. Tchatat.

Moderator Evangelist Lady Mildred commended Ms. Tchatat on her powerful message that further diagnosed Senior Pastor Georges’s sermon on Sunday. Lady Mildred advanced James’s message in Chapter 2 in which James proclaimed faith being as dead as a dodo if it’s not accompanied by works (James 2:17).

“If you have a problem, don’t just sit down and do nothing about it. Seek a solution to your problem. As Pastor Georges always says, ‘if you come to me with a problem, don’t come and cry. If you cry, I’d help you cry, but if you suggest what needs to be done, I’d help you solve your problem,’” noted the woman of God.

The woman of God advocated the need to avoid capitalizing on problems by doing nothing about them. “If you have high blood pressure, don’t just sit down and do nothing about it. Your faith must be accompanied by action. Disengage yourselves from your problems. Don’t magnify them,” observed the president of the Women’s Ministry.

She called for an impassioned zeal on the part of Christians to work rigorously to finding solutions to their problems, for the Scriptures decry laziness and espouses diligence. “As the Bible says, there should be no food for a lazy man because one has to plant before one can harvest. Light your flame and passion to worship God, for with faith in Him, He would inspire you to get solutions to any problems you may have,” said the phenomenal Evangelist.

She asserted that success comes with hard work and as a student, you can’t refuse to study and expect to go and pass your examination with flying colors.

“Problems are part of human nature, so focus on finding solutions instead of compounding your problem by doing nothing about it. Put faith into action. Work hard; study hard; think hard,” she said in an epistrophe; “plant to reap, and God will crown your efforts with success,” said the assiduous evangelist and first lady of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l., Mrs. Ntemi.

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