In Sequel to Last Week’s Sermon, Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi Extols Faith and Altruism of Shunamite Woman

Our apostle of God, Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi (right), his wife Lady Evangelist, Mrs. Mildred Ntemi, and Pastor Jean Paul Ntap.

By Samuel O. Doku, (Washington, DC). All who are privileged to hear Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi preach, marvel at the sheer brilliance and profound wisdom he extrapolates in the interpretation of the Scriptures. His passion for the Word is steep, and his understanding of it is phenomenal.

His sermon on Sunday at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l saw a preacher who left no doubt in the minds of his congregation that he has truly been inspired and blessed by God to be his consul and apostle.

The Senior Pastor prefaced his sermon with an apothegm: “God never fails; it doesn’t matter what your situation is, He will never fail you. Today is a day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it.”  He began his sermon with 2 King 4: 15-17, a sequel to his sermon of last week, and he weaned the wisdom, faith, and reverence the Shunamite woman exhibited toward the Holy Man of God, Elisha.

“He [Elisha] said, “Call her.” When he [Gehazi] had called her, she stood at the door. He [Elisha] said, at this season, in due time, you shall embrace a son.” She replied, ‘No, my Lord, O man of God; do not deceive your servant.’ The woman conceived and bore him a son in due time as Elisha had declared to her.”

Senior Pastor Ntemi noted, “The Hebrew meaning of Elisha is, God is my salvation while the meaning of Gehazi is a valley of vision. It doesn’t matter what you think, God’s way is always the most important and always the best. The Bible doesn’t mention the Shunamite woman’s name, so her story can apply to anybody.”

The apostle of God titled his sermon “Holding on to your promises” and elucidated the faith, foresight, and selflessness of the Shunamite woman, who when she saw Elisha discerned what no one else could. Toward that end, she went and invited Elisha to her house for dinner.

Later she and her husband made a room available to Elisha so that anytime he came to Shunem and he was exhausted, he could come to the house to rest. Elisha rewarded her by prophesizing a child into her, otherwise, barren life.

Senior Pastor Ntemi noted that the woman helped Elisha not because she wanted anything from him but she did it simply because Elisha was a holy man of God doing the Lord’s work. From her altruistic and exemplary show of generosity, Elisha, without the Shunamite woman requesting it, spoke a child into her life.

The Shunamite woman and her husband, similar to Abraham and Sarah, were old so she didn’t think there was any possibility of their having any child at advanced ages, “but there is nothing the Almighty God can’t do. He turns the natural into the supernatural, so when Elisha spoke, He heard him.

“If you have the desire and passion in you to serve God, not because you’re looking for something but you are serving him because you love him with all your heart, the Lord who knows the end from the beginning and knows your needs will reward you abundantly, just like he rewarded the Shunamite woman,” said the apostle of God.

The consul of God went on, “Sadly, however, some people move from church to church because they are looking for husbands, wives, jobs, and money, forgetting that as Matt. 6: 33 says, they must seek God and his righteousness first and all things will be added on to it. Serve God first and the blessings will come later.”

Senior Pastor Ntemi reiterated that 2017 is a year of blessings, a year of  life-changing experiences, and a year of prosperity in the lives of those who truly love the Lord from the bottom of their hearts. “It’s important to serve Him because He’s the One who can do all things and can richly bless your life.

“We want to have fellowship with the King of Glory because a personal relationship with Him comes with divine changes in our lives. The Shunamite woman decided to give Elisha room on the roof of the house because God must be on top; if you do otherwise, you have a problem,” said the blessed man of God.

Furthermore, in a passionate affirmation of God’s supremacy, the consul of God noted, “God is not a comma; He is a period. He is not a parenthesis; He is open brackets. You must have God in you all the time for the Holy spirit to dwell in you infinitely. Stretch and open yourself up to receive from God because when you serve God with all your heart, He looks for an opportunity to reward you.”

In methodical fashion, the Senior Pastor analyzed verses 18 to 30, reading and explaining the Shunamite woman’s absolute faith in God to the extent that even when her son died and she went to Elisha to summon him to come and revive the child, she didn’t utter a dark or negative word.

Elisha gave the same stick he had used in parting the Jordan River to Gehazi and instructed him not to talk anybody on the way to the Shunamite woman’s house and touch the corpse with the stick for him to wake up.

“The woman knew Gehazi was not Elisha and what the child needed to wake up was the presence of the Holy Man of God himself, not a visionary, so she refused to accompany Gehazi. In the end, Elisha himself had to go to the house to breathe life into the otherwise dead boy,” said Senior Pastor Ntemi.

“Sometimes, the words you speak can lead to your downfall. There are some who destroy the lives of children in the House of God. Those people are sick. The Lord exalts the humble. The Bible says, ‘And being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death—even on the cross.

“Therefore, God is also highly exalted in him, the name that is above every name so that at the mention of the name Jesus very knee should bend, in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father,’” as he regurgitated Philippians 2: 8-11.

“Through Elisha, God changed the Shunamite woman’s situation from natural to supernatural. At some point, you should tell God to change your destiny because He is supernatural. Hold on to your promises because when God promises, He delivers. Where there is pain, sorrow, and bitterness, He will bring healing, joy, and fulfillment in your lives.

“Sometimes, you need to confront God to let Him know that He needs to fulfill His promise in your life. If you have a problem, take it to the Lord. You can change your destiny by doing that. Be like Jacob, who despite his imperfections, wrestled with the Lord in his Gethsemane and compelled God to answer him. Because of his trust in the God, the Lord changed his name from Jacob to Israel, which means Prince of the Lord,” said the blessed man of God.

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