In Teaching on Prayer Line, Cedric Kamwa Aligns God’s Grace with Faith

In Mr. Cedric Kamwa’s teaching on the prayer line Thursday, he grounded his message on the important subject of faith, which means “having confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we do not see” as critical to God’s administration of grace. Grace means unmerited mercy.

Mr. Kamwa noted that God saves by grace ; therefore, one needs to believe and have faith in the Lord before one can be saved, after reading Ephesians 2 : 8. He titled his teaching ‘’Accepting Grace through Faith’’ and invoked the Lord’s blessings, prosperity, and healing on participants, after which he reiterated, ‘’We need faith and belief to qualify to receive God’s grace.’’

Most importantly, Brother Cedric averred that as Christians, God has already ordained our needs for us, but to reap the benefits of God’s munificence, we must enrich ourselves with God’s knowledge, which is accompanied by spiritual gift.

He cited 2 Peter 1 : 1-3 and proclaimed that through God’s grace, He has made everything available in life : good health, good deeds, kindness, compassion, and love through knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Again, he observed that ‘‘God has solutions to all of humanity’s problems, but when we do things according to our ways and not according to the ways of the Lord, we might encounter problems. It is the reason why you must always have a strong faith and unquestionable belief in Him,’’ stated Mr. Kamwa

In affirmation of faith received through the knowledge of God and His spiritual edification, Mr. Kamwa cited Romans 4 : 16 and Romans 2 : 17. He surmised, ‘’The fulfillment of God’s promise in our lives is dependent on our trust in Him. It is by faith and commitment to Him that we receive spiritual blessings, so let’s take it seriously. Let’s grow our faith in the Lord and live by faith, for faith is central to everything we do as Christians.’’

After reading Romans 10 : 17, Mr. Kamwa emphasized that faith grows by reading and understanding God’s word. ‘’Let us develop a passion for the Bible so that we will read it on a daily basis to be well informed in the ways of the Lord. Through faith everything pertaining to life is accomplished. A strong and unquenchable faith drives enemies away because it is an assurance of our trust and belief in God.’’

Brother Cedric noted that it is important for us to understand the power and might of God to develop a deep desire to know Him. ‘’It is important to reach out and get what has been made available to us. Grace has made prosperity and healing and the gift of life to us, but it is through our faith and belief that they will materialize in our lives,’’ concluded Mr. Kamwa.

Responding to Mr. Kamwa’s teaching on faith, Pastor Jean Paul Ntap added that it is important for Christians to live by faith. ‘’Even the devil knows God is alive. When Satan tempted Jesus Christ, he quoted the Bible and Christ overcame him by referring to the Scriptures. Lack of knowledge can lead to destruction. Strengthen your faith by reading the word of God. If you don’t know who you are, you can destroy yourself,’’ warned Pastor Ntap.

Pastor Ntap referenced Luke 10 : 41-42, where Christ chastized Mary for complaining about her sister Martha, when she was spending her time with Him while Mary was in the kitchen cooking to serve their guests.

‘’You can only know God through the word. Spend more time on the word. The more you know the greater the possibility of becoming great. Christ used the word to overcome Satan. When you are tempted, do you use the word of God? Use the word as a mirror, and you will see great miracles happening in your life. Believe by acting according to the will of God,’’ noted Pastor Jean Paul.

Moreover, the pastor delved into what constitutes a disciple of Christ in this day and age. He stated that ‘’a disciple of Christ is anyone who decides to live his or her life according to the standard set by Christ. You can attain that standard by reading the word and seeking the face of the Lord through prayer,’’ said the blessed man of God.

Pastor Jean Paul further advised that when believers are faced with challenges, their initial recourse must be to seek the face of God first.

‘’Trust in the power of Jesus ; you can do all things through Him. You can fast because you trust; fasting brings you closer to God to see things in the spirit. Devote one day in the week to fasting, and you will be amazed with your spiritual growth in faith,’’ said Pastor Jean Paul.







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