Pastor Georges’s Palm Sunday Sermon and Its Power of Transformation and Edification

It’s praise and worship time and a section of the congregation gives the glory to God.

Pastor Georges Ntemi is waiting patiently to mount the podium to preach on Palm Sunday. On his left is his dear wife, Evangelist Mildred.

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). In a preamble to his sermon, Pastor Georges Ntemi affirmed Palm Sunday as an extraordinary day in his life because it’s symbolic of the day the Lord changed his life completely. Palm Sunday is specifically extraordinary because it’s the day Jesus Christ made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a colt.

However, during his triumphant entry, the same people who sang, “Hosanna, blessed is the one who comes in the name of Lord! . . . . . Hosanna in the highest heaven,” were the same people who yelled at the top of their voices, “Crucify him, crucify him” a week later. Beware of the Ides of April.

“The Lord is the only one who deserves all the glory, for he is the king of kings and the Lord of hosts,” noted the apostle of God. He titled his message, “God Knows where I am and He is coming to me.” In a didactic tone, Pastor Georges told the congregation to meditate on the word of God because it’s life. In other words, reading the Bible transforms and edifies the lives of readers, only if they would believe and trust in the maker of the universe.

He read Mark 11: 1-11, interpreting the symbolic meaning of some of the verses as he read on. “In verse one, Christ gives the instruction. Verse two symbolizes the fact that if you seek the Lord, he would find you. If the devil is holding you captive, today the Lord has released you, just as he released the colt when he sent for it. Verse three symbolizes your service to God. The Lord needs you; serve him. Where the two roads meet in verse five signifies the devil’s contention with Christ to separate you from the Lord. But Lord, the master will untie you from the devil’s grip, for his name is not just another name.

“Philippians 2: 9 says that at the mention of his name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to the greatness of Jesus Christ to the glory of God because his name is above every name. When the master speaks, everyone bows. Verse seven is symbolic of the Lord riding with you to your destiny. Your enemies will only gaze in disbelief as the Lord fulfills your destiny,” elucidated the blessed man of God.

“Palm Sunday was the day the king of glory entered Jerusalem. From that moment, he was supposed to endure unearned suffering and pain, unjustified trial and tribulation. Things were difficult and stressful, but he remembered a colt that had been tethered and deprived of its freedom. If he could remember a colt on that stressful day, how much more you who calls him Lord, my redeemer,” noted the consul of God.

Pastor Georges stated the futility of worrying over problems one has no power to solve. “You can’t win a battle if you worry. In fact, nothing can be won through worry. Jesus Christ says in Matthew 6: 28-30, “And why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, how they neither toil nor spin, yet Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.

“But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you–you of little faith.”

The blessed man of God affirmed the need for Christians to trust God, and he intimated that just as Christ sent his disciples to go and rescue the colt, he would send his angels to rescue any believer who calls on him. “The colt was tied to the tree; it was not doing anything. It was limited and struggling day after day. The Lord will remove the rope that is limiting you and preventing you from realizing your destiny.

“Don’t be afraid. Just like the colt could move only in circles because of the rope around its neck, many have problems that are making them move in circles. The Lord will open doors of hope for you. In the wilderness, he told Joshua he would move from victory to victory if he did what he was told. Obey and you will move from one degree of victory and glory to another,” said Pastor Georges.

The apostle of God once more expressed his exasperation against witchcraft and voodoo to remind the congregation that there is only ONE true God and adherence to gods of less pedigree is an abomination in his sight. Similar to the incident in Exodus, where Moses’s snake swallowed the snake of Pharaoh’s magician, Pastor Georges cited Acts 8, where the preaching of Phillip in the spirit of Christ overcame the magic of Simon who was under the spell of the devil.

“Be bold. Be courageous for the king of glory is coming for you. The Lord has your destiny in the palm of his hand, so nobody can take it away from him. Juju (Voodoo) will deceive you; the devil will destroy you in the long run after taking everything from you. Trust in God and you will be all right,” said the blessed man of God.

Pastor Georges also explained the symbolism of night and day to edify the congregation. “God created night before day. Night is for pain and day is for glory. The glory and joy in the Lord are permanent and override all sorrow and pain. The devil usually operates at night, giving instructions to control your life, But God Almighty controls the day. To him be the glory,” stated Pastor Georges.

He observed that those on whose lives the throne of the Lord shines, are permanently blessed and not even the devil can derail their blessings. He then turned his attention on the Church and decried the behavior of those who come to Church with hidden agendas, saying, “If anyone is here with a motive different from worshipping God, the spirit of the Lord would drive that individual out. Just like Jesus walked into the Church in Jerusalem and chastised the Pharisees for turning it into a den of thieves, if your motive is different, you would be shown the way out.”

He concluded his sermon with a testament to the Lord on how he turned his pain into joy, not because he was righteous but because of the Lord’s grace and mercy. “Here I am Lord, use me. I am ready to follow you. Send me where you want me to go, not because of my righteousness but because of your mercy and grace,” he prayed. Wait willingly for the Lord, and he will use you.

On Good Friday, April 14, the Voices of Cherubim will perform in a concert at the Church, and from April 17 to 24, the Youth Ministry, under the leadership of Mr. Elton Kamwa will celebrate their Week under the theme, “A Generation with a Purpose.”



About Dr. Sam Doku
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