Pastor Georges Reminds Christians to Allow God to Do the Fighting

Pastor Georges praying for the director of the Voices of Cherubim, Papa Koti Chapo for success and longevity in his marriage.

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). In the words of the senior pastor of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l, Pastor Georges Ntemi, Genesis is his favorite book in the Bible because anytime he reads it, he finds something new in it, and he has read it several times. For his sermon on Sunday, he read the story of Joseph again, and he came up with a fresh interpretation of the betrayal, travails, and eventual prosperity of Jacob’s penultimate son in Egypt.

Yesterday, he told Christians that they should refrain from fighting spiritual battles in the physical realm and allow the Almighty God to fight their battles for them. “When human beings think they have pinned you down for failure, God will turn it around and set you up for success and prosperity. Remember, God is in control; He is always in control. Don’t fight spiritual battles with logic,” stated the blessed man of God.

Taking his reading from Gen. 37: 23-25, Pastor Georges predicated his sermon on the three verses in which Joseph’s brothers first cast him into a dry pit and later, removed him from the pit at the behest of Reuben and sold him for twenty pieces of silver to Midianites on the way to Egypt to sell spices.

“When Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of his robes and threw him into a cistern, a pit, but there was no water in it. After committing that atrocity, they sat down to eat. They saw Midianites with camels carrying spices so together they pulled him out and sold him some Ishmaelites who went and sold him in Egypt to Potiphar. But God was in control of Joseph’s life. The pit was dry because God didn’t want Joseph to feel comfortable in it,” noted Pastor Georges.

Pastor Georges asserted that because Joseph was a dreamer, and he was loved dearly by his father, his brothers hated him for that. “There are some people who will hate you for nothing; they can hate you for being successful; they can even hate you for eating McDonald’s, wearing Nike sneakers. They can hate you for smiling, for being happy, for having a PhD, but God is in control, and their hatred means nothing.

“Their hatred means God wants to shift you to the next level of glory. God will turn your mourning into celebration, your sorrow into joy, and your sadness into happiness. God didn’t want Joseph to feel comfortable in the pit. Don’t feel comfortable in your dire situation. Surrender yourself to God and your life will change forever. The level of intolerance of your present condition determines your future,” noted Pastor Georges.

He lamented about folks who come to America with graduate, even medical degrees but find themselves doing menial jobs because of their lack of faith in God, so they are compelled to shift into advanced survival mode to make ends meet.

“When you come here, you will encounter people who when they came here lacked ambition so they became stuck in the system, doing jobs they find no pleasure in. They tend to drag or hold everybody down with them. Be willing and ready not to accommodate your life with negative and unambitious people. Be willing to endure the pain of today for tomorrow’s gratification. . . . When you go with the flow, you would fail,” said the blessed man of God.

In a personal testimony, Pastor Georges revealed that in his youthful days, he went to Europe for his graduate studies, but when he got there. life was so arduous that he saw many people with PhD’s working as gas attendants to survive. Instead of joining the band wagon, he rather packed bag and baggage and returned to Cameroon.

Later on, by the grace of the good Lord, he came to the United States and has fulfilled his true calling as a minister of the gospel, who is also the CEO and president of Amazing Love Health Services. “Usually people who find themselves working jobs they don’t like get engulfed in bitterness and easily become haters.

“Are you happy with your current job? If not, why do you kill yourself doing it? Those people hate for nothing. They call others arrogant when it is God who has blessed them and shifted their purpose in life,” observed Pastor Georges.

Another lesson Pastor Georges crafted out of the Joseph story is that the devil always attacks those next in line for promotion and success. “Joseph’s brothers knew he would be prosperous and great in Egypt, so they sold him into slavery because they knew a slave wouldn’t be able to rise to become a prime minister.  But Joseph was different because God was with him.

“The devil is attacking you now because he knows your ability; he knows your potential. Rise and walk into your destiny. The pain of today is incomparable to the glory of tomorrow. Christ fell seven times and rose on each occasion. Falling should not be the end. When you fall, rise again until you reach your destiny,” said Pastor Ntemi.

Another lesson is that losers focus on what they are going through, but champions focus on where they are going. “Your focus should be on tomorrow’s prize. Don’t fall for the devil’s machinations. What is most important is your faith and belief in the Father. Rejoice in every situation, and don’t allow others to destroy your life, and focus on the goal ahead.”

The next lesson is what your reaction is when you see someone in the pit? “Do you laugh at the person? or you pray with or for the person. What you do to people today will revert to you tomorrow. In all things, be merciful and compassionate. If you don’t show mercy, you don’t receive mercy. Don’t mar the good names of others by gossiping about them.”

An equally important lesson is that those who cause the pain of today don’t control the joy of tomorrow. “Be at peace with yourself. Rejoice and remain focused. Joseph’s brothers created his pain and thought they were destroying his life. The Lord was in control of Joseph’s life. The Lord is in control of our lives. The Lord is in control from the beginning to the end.

“I have been in the pit, and people condemned me; they debased me, but through it all, I remained faithful to God. The Lord took me out of my situation, and today they are saying I am using witchcraft. When Christ cast out the demons, he was accused of using witchcraft, so in all things, remain faithful to God,” stated the blessed man of God.

Furthermore, he noted that this lesson occurs frequently, so the congregation should listen carefully. “The devil uses people close to you to attack you. After Joseph’s brothers had sold him into slavery in Egypt, they soaked his robe in the blood of an animal they had killed and went and told their father that Joseph was dead, killed by an animal. Close folks are fiercer than the enemy. But always remember that God’s in control.

“In all things, always pray to God to give you the strength for another day and leave the rest to God. He says vengeance is his, so He doesn’t need you to fight his battles for Him. Just surrender to Him. Christ was betrayed by Judas. Joseph was disowned by his brothers. Your wife, brother, or sister can betray you so beware,” noted the apostle of God.

Last but not least, you will never win a spiritual battle with logic. “Don’t say people who went through it did that and they were successful, so I will also do it,” said Pastor Georges. Here, he gave another testimony where he was wrongly accused, and he was told by several people to go and get the services of an attorney to defend him.

But he refused, staking his claim before the Lord to set him free because he knew he was innocent. When he appeared before the judge, that’s exactly what happened; the judge asked him to go home. “I didn’t get a lawyer but I came out a winner because I am a child of the living God. God says, ‘Don’t fight for me; just trust me’ and I said, Lord guide my steps and take me to where you want me to be,” stated Pastor Georges with aplomb.

The Women’s Ministry under the auspices of first lady Mrs. Mildred Ntemi is this week celebrating their empowerment as spouses, mothers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and role models. The Virtuous Women have dubbed their celebration “One Week of Empowerment,” during which they will control the prayer line and have moderating responsibilities all week, ending with the preaching of the sermon on Sunday.

Today Dr. Sandrine Tankeu delivered the message on the prayer line. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the turn of Ms. Gaelle Rikong, with Mrs. Maurelle Kamwa having her turn on Wednesday. Mrs. Leoni Tchatat will deliver the message on Thursday, as Deaconess Mary Ribama round out the English version on Friday. Mama Lucienne Kaham will deliver the message in French on Saturday. For more information, call the office at 240-764-6468.



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