Wonders Occurring at Amazing Love Church as Women of All Ages Unfold Their Gift andTalent

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). This week at Amazing Love Church is Women’s Week, and what is unfolding is an incredible exhibition of gift and talent regardless of age. Be it in moderating (Mrs. Leoni Tchatat and Mrs. Mildred Ntemi), teaching on the prayer line or Bible Study, the women are an epitome of sheer brilliance, and the best part of it is that they are doing it all for the glory and edification of God.

At the Bible Study on Wednesday, Mrs. Bridgette Kamwa, Elder Emilienne Ndjuikam, Mrs. Diane Kepsu, and Minister Victoire Abada all presented on the theme of “Doing It All Unto God,” and it was a joyful sight to behold. They defied age as they eloquently spoke on love, compassion, humility, and obedience to render society a better place for all. If Wednesday was excellent, the good news, according to Mrs. Tchatat, is that their best is yet to come, especially on Friday when they will discuss “Motherhood.”

Before their stellar display of artistic excellence in the evening, Mrs. Maurelle Kamwa delivered the message in the early morning devotional on the topic, “Serving God with All Your Heart.”

Sister Maurelle seemingly borrowed from Pastor Georges’s sermon this past Sunday in which he powerfully struck a difference between the sincerity and honesty of the tax collector’s prayer and that of the uppity Pharisee. “Let our actions testify to the glory of God,” said Sister Maurelle. “The motive or intent behind our actions is very important because that’s what pleases God. You can teach, serve, and pray but without the proper motive, it’s meaningless to God.”

She noted also that worshiping God is a way of serving God, but running helter-skelter with demands of the system prevents some from serving Him as they should. She called for the prioritization of God in the lives of believers, noting, “Serving God should be a culture for believers; you must do it on a daily basis. We are called to love God because of the gift He has given to each one of us.

“It’s our obligation to use our gifts to serve and praise Him. We must first seek His kingdom and righteousness through participation in church activities, evangelizing and always remembering that our testimonies can help win more souls for God. Our passionate conviction is first to please God, not man. “Among the Scriptures she read were John 12: 26, Gal. 5: 25, I Peter 4: 11, and Matt. 6: 33.

In response to Maurelle’s message, First Lady Mildred seriously warned that selfishness is a vice that separates believers from God. “We need to examine ourselves and understand why we are serving God. Sometimes, we think of ourselves first instead of God. The reason why God destroyed the world during Noah’s time was selfishness. God set you up for a specific purpose. Don’t be self-centered. You should always put God first,” said the blessed woman of God.

Sister Mildred observed that many a time, some go to church for the simple reason of seeking favors from the pastor. “Idolizing yourself is condemned in the House of God. In all things, you must always remember that God is the ultimate judge, so instead of pleasing man first, He is the One you have to place before man,” said the president of the Women’s Ministry.

She asserted that the day of judgment is synonymous with appearing before a judge; “you please the judge because you want him or her to rule in your favor. Therefore, please God first because on the day of judgment, neither your husband nor any family member will be with you to defend you, so put God ahead of any man, even if that man is your husband,” stated the blessed woman of God.

The First Lady enjoined participants to give their hearts to God. She called for a profound knowledge of God’s word by reading the alpha manual, the Bible. “Sometimes we become too complacent with life, so we forget that without God, we are useless. We need to pray for forgiveness for those who go to church other than the purpose of serving God. Serve Him first because He is the author and finisher of our faith,” said the blessed woman of faith whose favorite book in the Bible is “Ruth.”







About Dr. Sam Doku
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