Lord of our Weary Bodies, We are Doing It All Unto You

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). The women of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l are rocking the prayer line this week with their biblical exegesis guided by the thematic framework of “Doing it all as unto the Lord.” Ms. Gaelle Rikong had her turn to teach the word on Thursday, and she also was a model of excellence, just like the ladies before her.

Ms. Rikong’s topic was “Let Us Not Be Weary.” The pronoun in Sister Galle’s topic of course refers to women in general, of whom she says have enormous responsibilities placed on them, not only by their husbands and family members but also by society.

“Society places a lot of demands on us. Men are supposed to work hard and take care of their families; youths are expected to excel in school, but women are expected to take care of not only themselves but also our husbands and others,” noted Sister Gaelle.

She called on Christian men to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and asserted that their love may not be perfect, but they should love unconditionally and sacrificially. Sister Gaelle noted that as virtuous women, they derive their inspiration and motivation from Proverbs 31 where King Lemuel’s mother espouses the excellence and responsibilities of what it means to be a virtuous woman.

Sister Gaelle reminded participants of the fruit of the spirit, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Quoting Gal. 6: 9, she stated, “Let us not grow weary of doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time.”

According to Sister Gaelle, sometimes the efforts of the virtuous woman might be unappreciated, but  that should not discourage her from doing good. “Your husband may be unappreciative of the food you have cooked; a sister may gossip about you in spite of showing her nothing but kindness but the ultimate example of the fruit is goodness, meaning doing good even when it hurts.

“Sometimes, expectations can become too much, but do it all unto the Lord, which means you are high on Christ. Being weary can take away all the desire to do anything, but persevere and do it anyway. Do it anyway even when some are ungrateful, especially children. Do it anyway, for your harvest time will come,” said Ms. Rikong.

She asserted that being humans, “God knows a time might come when the virtuous woman would feel tired, but that should be the time when disrespect should mean empowerment to continue, because when you stop, the devil can use it as an excuse to wreak havoc.”

Sister Gaelle encouraged the women to read for understanding. She cited John 14: 26, “But the advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all that  I have said to you.”

Ms. Rikong added that the Holy Spirit is the engine God has put in us, so when the virtuous woman is doing good things and she feels tired, it should not change the situation because God who is the beginning and the last is in control, and He is the only who can change things.

“Do good thiings and not expect any rewards. Whether cleaning the sanctuary or serving in some other capacities, remember you are doing it unto the Lord. We are more than able to meet expectations. Don’t worry about anything; whether you are looking for a husband, a better job, or you are childless and looking for a child, still don’t worry for a thousand years are like just a day in the sight of God. He is capable and at the appropriate time, you will reap your harvest,” noted Sister Gaelle who is also a member of the Voice of Cherubim.

She concluded her message by stating that God’s protection, longevity, and goodness are indications that He has answered our prayers. Among the Scriptures she cited are Psalm 25: 22, Matt. 11: 29,  2 Cor. 2: 9, Is. 55: 11, Eccl. 8: 5, and Ps. 119: 115.

President of the Women’s Ministry, Mrs. Mildred Ntemi responded to Ms. Rikong’s delivery and corroborated the latter’s message of perpetual goodness without the expectation of any reward and proclaimed, “Our reason for doing good is doing it as unto the Lord. In doing good, we give the glory to God and exalt His name.”

Mrs. Ntemi sounded like former FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama when she said, “It’s better to do good and not be recognized because when you go low, God goes high from where you receive your blessings in abundance. Don’t feel discouraged because humans look at things from the perspective of human beings, but God takes glory in our humility. God gave you the power, so the glory belongs to Him. Dedicate your life to serving Him,” the first lady of Amazing Love Church reflected.

In the meantime, the Women’s Week celebrations continue this evening with a forum on “Motherhood” where, as Sister Mildred put it, “The women will share their different experiences as mothers and care givers.” The mothers participating are Mrs. Sandrine Tankeu, Mrs. Leoni Tchatat, Mrs. Maurelle Kamwa, Mama Lucienne Kaham, Elder Emilienne Ndjuikam, and an anonymous special guest.

The first lady and the pastor invite you all to be there in your numbers to listen, learn, and share in the various experiences of the virtuous women in their prominent roles as mothers, bearers of our children.



About Dr. Sam Doku
Dr. Samuel O. Doku is a professor and a writer. He earned his Ph.D. in English with concentration in African American Literature from Howard University. He is a W.E.B. Du Bois scholar whose book is titled Cosmopolitanism in the Fictive Imagination of W.E.B. Du Bois: Toward the Realization of a Revolutionary Art. His articles have been published on Google Scholar, in the International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities, and College English Association Magazine (CEAMAG).