During Bible Study, Pastor Georges Warns Other Pastors against Commercialization of Position

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). Bible Study on Wednesday attracted quite a sizable number of people to the sanctuary of Amazing Love Church Int’l, as Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi presided and ingeniously answered questions directed at him from a biblical perspective.

The questions ranged from longevity during the early days of creation, pastors who commercialize their position, switching of gender roles in the family, and the role of the traditional family in the Church, among others.

On the question of longevity, the blessed man of God cited Genesis and stated that when God created man and woman, he instructed them to eat fruits, vegetables, and plants, so their longevity rate was very long. But, when people started eating meat that’s tasty, especially after salt and other spices have been added to it, people started contracting diseases, and that began the downward spiral of shorter life expectancy. Sin also contributed immensely to the shortened life expectancy.

“God didn’t create animals for us to eat. God said every plant that bears fruit is for humans to eat because He knew that when you eat animals, you carry diseases into your blood stream, and that reduces life expectancy. I went to a province in China and Tibet and I met many people who were over 100 years old because the air there is not polluted. It is the same in Tibet. Sin, therefore, is the biggest contributor to the shorter life expectancy,” noted the consul of God.

A member of the Church then reminded Pastor Georges that Christ was sinless, but he died at the age of 33. The blessed man of God, in response, first pointed out to the questioner that Christ didn’t die of natural causes so He must be taken out of that category.

“In the spiritual aspect, Christ came to show us the way; once he completed his purpose, he had to return to His Father. When he went to His Father, he sent his spirit to come and dwell in us. If the Church is eliminated, there would be no Holy Spirit anymore. Christ lives in us; that is the reality,” affirmed the blessed man of God.

Pastor Georges also pointed out that pastors who use the pulpit for personal gains must remember the preaching and teaching of Christ and let their lives be a reflection of our Lord the savior and do the right thing.

After spending the opening minutes to answer pertinent questions weighing heavily on the minds of some members of the Church, Pastor Georges informed his teaching with the story of Onesimus, on whose behalf Paul wrote to Philemon to forgive Onesimus for his past transgressions because he’s a changed human being.

The consul of God lamented that although the Church should be the first place where forgiveness is practiced, many a time, when some go astray, instead of forgiveness, they are rather banished or ostracized from the Church. He noted that because of the imperfections of the human race, Christ asked us to forgive seven multiplied by seventy-seven times.

“We must learn to forgive and learn to know the purpose of God. Christ said the harvest is great but the laborers are few. There is the tendency for some people to stigmatize their fellow human beings. They cherry pick and only see the bad side of other people. But God has plans for people like Onesimus. There is salvation for Onesimus,” stated Pastor Georges.

In analogous to Onesimus, he noted that Paul himself was the ultimate sinner, so when he was converted, Barnabas and Ananias had to work diligently to convince people who knew Paul as persecutor of Christians that he was a changed human being, a new being in Christ with a new soul.

The blessed man of God was of the firm conviction that the Church must encourage those with spiritual gifts and build them up for the glory of the Lord. “But, sadly, some are dream-killers and refuse to see the genius of others because they don’t want them to be better than they are. Such people have demonic spirits, and they need prayers,” said Pastor Georges.

To a question as to how one would be able to know if a change in another person is temporary or permanent, the blessed man of God provided an answer full of wisdom and insight, “If you have the Holy Spirit in you, if you see a changed human being, you would know and feel it. Unfortunately, some can be saved today, and tomorrow they go into prophesy and deliverance ministry. The truth is, that is no change at all. They curse God with their actions. But the measure of grace is according to God.”

He noted that some are unable to forgive because they keep remembering all the time. “It’s like stabbing yourself figuratively if you refuse to forgive. In the Onesimus story, Paul shows us how we should show mercy to others. I am who I am because of God’s grace. No knowledge can produce what God can produce. You overcome the beast by the power of testimony and the power of the Holy Ghost,” asserted Pastor Georges.

Still, in response to a question if women should assume the role of head of household, Pastor Georges alluded to Proverbs 31, stating that man should be the head with the woman being her helper otherwise confusion, chaos, and catastrophe will constantly rattle the household. He noted that when Jezebel assumed too much power in the household and made the important decisions, it led to a catastrophe, and in the end, it led to her defenestration and eaten by wild dogs. Ahab should not have allowed her to be in control.

Here, Pastor Georges is not claiming that women should not be leaders in society. Far from it. All he is saying is that when it comes to raising and disciplining children, the presence of a man in the household as the head creates an enabling environment for the children to grow and develop into responsible human beings.

As Paul points out in Ephesians 5: 22-23, “Wives submit yourselves unto your husbands as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body. Verse 25 says, “Husbands, love your wife as Christ also gave himself for it.” And verse 33 concludes, “Nevertheless, let everyone of you love his wife even as himself, and the wife see that she reverence her husband.”



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