In Hopes of Protecting the Holy Name of Christianity, Evangelist Reminds Fake Pastors to Beware of the Wrath of God

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). Evangelist Walter Asah has been a member of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l for some time now but largely as a spectator. However, on Wednesday, Senior Pastor Georges William Ntemi elevated Evangelist Asah from the congregational realm on to center stage to teach the scriptures during Bible Study.

Although the Evangelist made a highly controversial and improbable statement that the fruit mentioned by the Almighty God in Genesis to be avoided by Adam and Eve actually did not exist, Mr. Asah aroused the enthusiasm of the audience with his categorization and taxonomy of pastors and humanization of the Holy Spirit.

Before delving into the arena of pastors of goodwill and pastors of doom, Evangelist Asah announced that the subject of his deliberation would be “the Holy Spirit as a Person.” He prefaced his teaching by stating the fundamental difference between an evangelist and a pastor.

“An evangelist delivers the message without sugar-coating it while a pastor is not so brunt. Pastors are euphemistic; they have a way of delivering the message so that they don’t sound harsh, but evangelists tell it as it is. Isaiah was such an evangelist in delivering God’s message to King Hezekiah that he would die for consulting Baal heal him when he should have consulted the prophet. To his credit, Hezekiah appealed to God directly and He gave Hezekiah 15 years more to live,” noted Evangelist Asah.

On the subject of the Holy Spirit as a person, Evangelist Asah reiterated that Christianity would be a mere religion without the Holy Spirit. “Anything that has to do with God is spiritual. Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the most misinterpreted personality in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is not falling down; the Holy Spirit is not an emotion. The Holy Spirit is the power behind Christianity. The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God,” said Evangelist Asah.

He alluded to Almighty God’s creation of man in His own image, saying, “Man is a spirit possessing a soul living in the body. The Holy Spirit is a person, and those who worship God in truth and in spirit experience the Holy Spirit. Our spirit communicates with God. The Holy Spirit is in charge of the affairs of God on earth. Nothing moves without the involvement of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a genuine spirit.”

The man of God’s teaching on the Holy Spirit brought him to the calling of pastors to win souls for Christ, and he boldly categorized pastors in three hierarchies: those called by the Almighty God; those called by the devil, and those who call themselves because they were rejected by both God and the devil.

“The Holy Spirit is the source of the power of every calling. When God calls man, He backs him up. The Bible treats rebels as witches and anti-Christ. The Holy Spirit detects fakers from the original, but if you are not careful, fake could be mistaken for the original. However, you cannot deceive three things: God, the devil, and yourself. The Holy Spirit cannot be manipulated, so it’s difficult for fake pastors to receive the Holy Spirit,” said Evangelist Walter.

He cited John 16: 13, “Howbeit when he the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come.” Evangelist Walter also asserted that one’s calling is different from one’s gift and that the calling comes before the gift, and the latter only facilitates success for the former.

“Your calling does not define your gift. Prophesy is declaring the word of power. When the Holy Spirit is absent, life becomes a struggle. Resist the devil,” noted the Evangelist.

He revealed that fake pastors depend on trickery to deceive their members. “They pour anointed oil on shining tiles, so when they claim to be praying for you to invite the Holy Spirit, they push you and because the floor has become very slippery, you fall. That’s not the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is not falling. Some have headache, so they go forward for prayers, but they end up with both the headache and a neck pain because their necks were held so tightly and so strong that even breathing became difficult. Resist the devil, for the wrath of God is swift,” admonished Evangelist Walter.

On women mounting the pulpit to preach, the man of God observed that the Holy Spirit does not discriminate, so women just as men can get the calling to become preachers.

On the pretext that the world was put on a permanent sinful footing by Eve, so women should not preach, Evangelist Asah countered, “The devil’s target was Adam; Eve was just the channel, and the fruit was the tool. Satan knew the instruction was given to Adam, so he wouldn’t be able to convince him to disobey God, so he decided to use Eve.”

Concluding, he said, “Don’t be ignorant of the devices of evil. The Holy Spirit is a person of the spirit. Although he is invisible, he exists.

During his teaching, Evangelist Walter noted that John the Baptist’s baptism with water was for repentance while Christ’s baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire is power, so a member of the Church wanted to know if there is any difference between the Holy Ghost and Fire.

“The Holy Ghost and fire are the same. The Fire just gives you the nature of the consuming power of the Holy Ghost. When you carry something that can consume other things, it’s power,” said the man of God.

Another questioner wanted to know if the gift comes before the calling. Evangelist Asah responded in the negative and stated that God calls you before providing you with the gift.

On a complex question on how to differentiate in the mind what is carnal thought from the spiritual, Pastor Georges stepped up with a response and explained, “The mind deals with our thought process internally, but the spirit identifies with external things. The spirit helps you to differentiate between good thoughts and bad ideas from the devil.”

The Evangelist also mentioned the perfect will and permissible will of God. “God can grant you the permission to do something because you have prayed for it, but it might not be his perfect will for you. The permissible could therefore be an avenue for you to attain the perfect will of God,” said Evangelist Asah.

Here again, Senior Pastor Georges rose to give a Biblical example. “At a point in time, Israel did not have a king because God wanted to deal with them directly and show them the way. But they persisted in having one, so God gave them Saul. Because Saul was not his perfect will, when the Philistines and Goliath came and attacked them, Saul was helpless. It was Boy David who went and killed Goliath. God wanted the Israelites to wait for David but they persisted, so he gave them Saul for the meantime. That’s the difference between the permissible will and perfect will of God.”




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