Pastor Jean Paul Tackles Troubles, Trials, and Triumphs in Christian Homes

By Samuel O. Doku (Washington, DC). Pastor Jean Paul Ntap spearheaded the teaching of the Bible on Wednesday, and he chose as his topic “Troubles and Trials in the Home” and noted that the very foundation of society depends on the nomenclature of the home. Charity begins from home; respect begins from home, and civilization begins from home.

Pastor Jean Paul noted that the most important unit in life is the home. “When God created man, He gave him woman so that together they could have a home. Nations and churches came about because of home. The climate, growth, and life in the Church depends on life in the home.

Assistant Pastor Jean Paul Ntap and Deaconess Sandrine Tankeu. 

You cannot become who you are if not for your home,” stated Pastor Jean Paul.

He surmised that society is in turmoil today because everywhere, there are troubles in homes. A Christian home should be a place of worship, but instead, many homes have become dysfunctional because of anger, confusion, unrest, and disrespect. Instead of harmony, there is chaos; instead of love, there is suspicion, and instead of peace, there is frustration.

He cited Prov. 11: 29, “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind; and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”

Pastor Jean Paul called for a revival to counteract various troubles that bedevil us today in our homes. He listed some of the troubles as the immorality of the times in which we live, societal pressures, moral inconsistencies, and spiritual indifference.

In what tantamounts to the concept of double consciousness, Pastor Jean Paul stated that many people look at themselves through the eyes and mirrors of society. Consequently, they have lost any sense of self-worth and operate according to the dictates of mainstream society.

“Because of political correctness, we allow children to do what they want, forgetting that all things are permissible, but not everything is helpful. We have the mentality that what I do is my business so long as I don’t hurt anybody. We allow our children to smoke, drink, and indulge in immorality when we should guide them,” complained Pastor Jean Paul.

Societal pressures contribute a lot to many troubles in homes today. Pressures from peers, friends, and even family members are creating havoc in homes. “Bad influences create troubles in homes. If one has a son who is being badly influenced, if he is chastised, the next thing you know, he has moved from home. How does such a son learn? We are living in troubled times, brothers and sisters,” said the man of God.

Moral inconsistencies occur when parents don’t live by example to become role models to their children. When parents smoke and drink recklessly in front of their children, how do you expect the children to behave any differently? Parents must be good examples to their children. Another problem is spiritual indifference. “Some are the authors of their own troubles because they are spiritually inactive. They always want the pastor to pray for them. The pastor can pray for you all right, but you must also be responsible for your spiritual growth because as a child of God, it means you are under a constant attack from the devil,” said Pastor Jean Paul.

He noted that the way God is worshiped in the home must change. “Christ must live in your home. God’s work must be done in your house. If you are a trouble-maker in the Church, then it’s all chaos in your home. What you do in the house of God is an extension of who you are at home. Homes need leadership and God has chosen parents to be leaders in the home, and they must live up to that responsibility,” said Pastor Jean Paul.

He stated that the role of Christian parents as leaders is to ensure that children must be worshipers of God. Reading Exodus 20:12, he said, “Honor thy father and mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord hath given thee.”

“Many a time, parents complain, but they take no action. Leadership in the home must be paramount. After leadership comes love. Husbands must love their wives and wives must respect their husbands. If the children see this behavior occurring daily at home, they would naturally grow to acquire good morals and habits,” said the man of God, citing Ephesians 5: 22-23.

Pastor Jean Paul pontificated on the benefits of love, noting, “Love forgives. Problems arise in families because of lack of love and forgiveness. You hear Christians screaming hallelujah to God, yet they are not on speaking terms with their husbands in spite of being together for 25 years. There are leaders in the Church who destroy the lives of others because they don’t have love and compassion.

“You can be a preacher, but if in your heart, you lack love, you are deceiving yourself of doing the work of God; you are a liar. Leaders in the Church must not take sides; they must be truthful and objective.

“Love is positive-minded. When you love, you glow with joy and you take things easy. You must love in such a way that you share love, peace, joy, and happiness with others. The devil is always working to destroy families, so the only way to triumph over  Satan is by reading the Bible, praying, and being a good human being by loving and forgiving,” noted Pastor Jean Paul.

The man of God shared a testimony of being victimized and persecuted by his own family when he turned his life to Christ. Today, the same people that persecuted him come to him for help, and like Joseph, he has forgiven them all out of love. Other texts he cited were Deut. 6: 4-9 and Psalm 119: 9-11.



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