Linking Capability with Training Leads to Glory, Says Pastor Georges


Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi wants Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l to live up to its calling as a church of love and compassion..

As a powerful man of God, when Pastor Georges Ntemi mounts the podium of transfiguration to preach, he does so with a firm conviction embodied in truth and honesty. Any time he gets a message from the Lord to disseminate to the people of God, sometimes, he doesn’t feel comfortable doing so, but he does it anyway, because it is the will of the Lord, and it must be obeyed.

On Sunday, the message of excoriation was against self-motivated pastors who prey on naïve Christians and rob them of their hard-earned money. On this particular Sunday, the blessed man of God began his sermon with a preamble: “Some people of God suffer today because of their shepherds, self-seeking shepherds who reach out to lost souls and prey on them.

“Christians are victimized every day; they are always asked to give, give, give. There will be no raising of funds in this Church (Amazing Love). We will live according to God’s blessing. Exploitation is not love. We want those who want to work with the Church. Folks are suffering, so let’s help those who need it,” said Pastor Georges.

The topic of his sermon was “Having the capability but still in training,” an inference to King David who was anointed the king of Israel at the age of 17, but he had to wait for 13 years before he was finally anointed and enthroned as the King. The apostle of God took his reading from 1 Samuel 16: 14-23.

Unlocking the verses, he said, “David was capable but he still had to be trained to be well equipped for the throne. In the school of God, there are no short-cuts. At 17, David was a young man of great confidence and courage. At that young age, he killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands. David was not only good-looking but also he knew the Lord,” said the apostle of God.

In a brief revelation, he observed that in Cameroon, young girls and boys were made to skip classes because of their perceived intelligence and by 14, they had enrolled in universities. There, they become overwhelmed with the sheer profundity of university education.

“At the university, they, young boys and girls of 13 or 14, realize that the language spoken at the university level is adult language. Although they were capable, they went to university having not been trained, so they could not cope. David was 17, so he had to be trained and prepared for the kingship of Israel.”

Saul who started as an admirer of David’s skills on the lyre and employed him to play for him, any time he became distressed with the attacks of demonic spirits, later became a turn[coat. He was one of David’s fiery nemesis and made a few attempts to kill him, but because of the blessings the Lord has bestowed on David, he prevailed over Saul.

Pastor Georges explained that any time David played the lyre, Saul’s demons fled from him to illustrate the mollifying effect of Godly music. “In life, whatever you do, your reputation will follow you. One of Saul’s servants informed him about David’s skills on the lyre. He told Saul that David was very handsome and also, he was a lad who was always with the Lord.

Saul quickly sent for him, and he came to play for him. After playing for him, David stayed in the “service of Saul, but soon jealousy creeped into Saul and he threw an arrow at David but he missed.” The blessed man of God noted that God is not one of disorder. “God’s process is divine, and his ultimate goal is  achievement. He cast the evil spirit on Saul because of his disobedience. As a child of God, nothing can happen to you without God’s approval. And if it does, he will always provide you with the solution,” asserted Pastor Georges.

Pastor Georges alluded to the story of Job in which he lost everything in a span of 24 hours whereupon he shaved his head, undressed and poured his heart out to God like he had never done before to prove to Satan that Job’s heart was pure and righteous, fully filled with the love of God.

“The devil can’t touch you if God doesn’t allow it. Even if he is able to touch you, God would give you an escape route. Job lost everything in one day. No spirit will come to devour you without God’s authorization. David was chosen; when God ordains something, no one can dismantle it,” affirmed the apostle of God.

From David and Job, Pastor Georges turned his focus on Elijah who single-handedly prayed and annihilated 450 prophets of Baal, Satan’s archfiend. But an ominous threat from Jezebel saw him running into hiding in a cave until the Lord revealed himself to him to wake up and get to work.

He read 1 King 19: 11-13 and explained.

“Before the Lord appeared, there was noise, an earthquake, and fire but the Lord was not in any of those but He came and spoke in a still comforting breeze, and spoke in a gentle voice to Elijah. Our Lord is not a noise maker. He speaks gently to you, almost as if in a whisper. What is of God will come to you gently,” said the apostle of God.

Wonders never end at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l..Come and worship with us and be blessed with blessings you can’t contain.

Like David, Pastor Georges knows his calling, and he is confident and courageous that the Lord is with him every step of the way. “The most important thing for me is to preach and help spread the word to millions all over the world.”

He told of three pastors, two of whom had large congregations. The first one had 30,000; the second one had 50,000, but the third had a mere 2,000 but he was able to reach another 1 million all over the world. “It’s not about the money; it’s about the souls you can win for God. That’s what you will one day account for, not the wealth you amass through tithes and collection.”

Pastor Georges cited the Scripture in Ezekiel 34: 2, 8, and 10 to indicate that mammonism is not of God. Impressively, Pastor Georges ended his sermon with the infamously tragic story of Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson’s Veep who killed the author of the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton in a duel because Burr felt Hamilton had dishonored him.

When he lay bleeding to death, Hamilton asked God to deal justly with Burr. Not even a name change and a sojourn in England could exonerate Burr from the arrogance that led him to kill Hamilton. Later on, Burr returned to America and died an anonymous man. Nothing surpasses the word of God.

So, for now, Pastor Georges’s quintessential mission is to preach and interpret the gospel that will reach millions in America and the rest of the world for lives to be changed to fulfill the proclamation of Jesus Christ on the day of Ascension.

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