Pastor Georges Urges Avoidance of Peer Pressure and Discouragement, Reminding Us of the Supremacy of God

Pastor Georges Ntemi and his God-fearing spouse, Evangelist Mildred shortly after the apostle of God had finished delivering a wonderful homily.

Deaconess Sandrine Tankeu announces the Church’s upcoming events.

In a sermon littered with themes of peer pressure, discontent, secret enemies, loyalty, patriotism, and supremacy of God, Pastor Georges Ntemi, on Sunday espoused the congregation at Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l never to allow themselves to be swayed by peer pressure and discouragement. In those nadir moments of uncertainty, Pastor Georges called on Christians everywhere neither to equivocate nor capitulate but to trust only in the Almighty God and rebuild their lives for a better future.

Preaching on the topic “Rebuilding of Life,” the apostle of God chose the Book of Nehemiah to inform his sermon. The Book of Nehemiah recalls Nehemiah’s loyalty and patriotism to Israel. Although in captivity in Persia, when Nehemiah was told of the collapse of the Wall of Jericho, he sought permission from King Ataxerxes to return to Jerusalem to have the Wall rebuilt.

Amazing Love Church Int’l’s bass guitarist, Brother Tanash.

Figuratively, Pastor Georges likened the rebuilding of the Wall to the need for Christians to rebuild their lives at some point if life has given them a rough end of the stick. “If your life is not where you want it to be, ask God for forgiveness and start rebuilding it anew.

“Nothing is too late in life. At 75 years old, the Lord asked Abraham to leave his parents land and move to a new place he had no knowledge of. Abraham obeyed and started the journey with his wife, Sarah and his nephew Lot, not knowing exactly where they were going,” said Pastor Georges.

The blessed man of God began his sermon by reading Nehemiah 4:1, “But it came to pass that when Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth and took great indignation and mocked the Jews.”

Members of the congregation feel sanctified after hearing a powerful sermon from Pastor Georges.

Unlocking the verse, the apostle of God noted that the meaning of Sanballat is secret enemy, the kind of enemy that feigns friendship in your presence but betrays you in your absence. “Building the wall in Jerusalem was none of Sanballat’s business, but he chose to jeer at the people building the wall with Nehemiah just to discourage them.

“When you are doing something prosperous to make life more meaningful to you, that’s when the enemy will show up and pretending to be your friend will invite you to do unnecessary things and to discourage you. But like Nehemiah and the Jews, call on the Lord, asking for forgiveness to put you back on the path of rebuilding and recovery,” said the blessed man of God.

The apostle of God said that the spirit of discouragement is like a plague. “It infects you and kills your dreams; it kills your ambitions, it kills your hopes and aspirations and stops you from moving to the next level.”

He asserted that there is nothing wrong with getting discouraged, but what is disconcerting is mingling with people without ambitions who would continue to infest you with their negative attitudes toward life. He stressed that some people come to this country with great skills and excellent knowledge, but because of the inability to speak English, they settle for doing menial jobs.

Borrowing a quote from Evangelist Walters Asa that success has no limitations, Pastor Georges noted that when he came to this country at first from Cameroon, he had limited knowledge, but his faith and trust in the Lord made him apply for a managerial position at Pizza Hut. With his limited knowledge in English, he told the owner that he would double his numbers.

Surprised, the owner asked ow he would double the numbers when he was not fluent in English. However, the owner gave him the job anyway, and he did double the numbers. “When the Lord gives you something, nobody can take it away from you. If your job has been approved by the Lord, no one take it from you,” assured the apostle of God.

“The word of God prescribes our destiny. Success is not confined to one particular place; it follows you! But unsuccessful people hate success, so they ascribe a new personality to people they know are striving to achieve success and start hating them. But life is not a race or contest. On the day of judgment, you will be alone with God to account for your life.”

The apostle of the word cited a few instances in the Bible when men of God relied on their trust in the Lord to accomplish great things. He mentioned Caleb going to tell Joshua that he still had the strength of 40 years earlier when the Israelites were in Egypt, so Joshua should allow him to invade the land of the Ammorites that Moses had promised them but inhabited by giants. Caleb did take the land.

He recalled David’s impossible feats when he killed a lion and a bear and after revealing it to Saul, the king allowed David to confront Goliath whom he killed with a single sling of a pebble before the giant knew what was happening.

In addition to discouragement, noted Pastor Georges, there is also peer pressure that leads to frustration and depression. “Pressure from outside brings about pressure from within. Reject negative speeches and attitudes. Only Christ has the power to bear every burden and absorb any pressure we may have. Christ says, ‘Come unto me all ye who are heavily laden and I will give you rest.’

The blessed man of God averred the entangling and choking sentimentality of frustration, noting, “Frustration is a sin. There are things that can stop your destiny. Your problem could be watching too much television or those close to you. It could even be yourself, but whatever it is, cleanse yourself from the vile spirit of frustration and move toward your destiny. The Lord enabled Moses to overcome Pharaoh. What he did for Moses, he can do for you. Only trust and believe,” stated Apostle Georges.

He asked Christians to fight the good fight because John the revelator tells us in Revelation 19 that the second coming of Christ will be as a warrior. “Remember to fight for your family, your children, your spouse, your brother, your sister, and the Lord will come through for you. If God has given you a mission, not even an angel can change the course of that mission. Trust and believe.”

To support his homily, the apostle of God also cited Nehemiah 4: 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 12; Hebrews 12: 1, and 1 Samuel 17: 41-47.

In another development, the Virtuous Women of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l under the inspiring leadership of Lady Evangelist Mildred Ntemi invites you to join their Thursday night prayer line from 9 to 10 p.m. . The number to dial is 1-302-2021108 with access code 165038.

And in a salutary foray into biblical scholarship, the Church will organize a Bible trivia on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in the sanctuary. Almost every member of the Church will participate except the pastors, the first lady of the church, Mrs.  Ntap, and Evangelist Walters.

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