Rebuilding the Life of the Christian through the Gates of Jerusalem

Senior Pastor Georges cries on the Lord to fill the lives of the congregation with abundant blessings.

For a couple of weeks, the senior pastor of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l, Pastor Georges William Ntemi preached on the importance of the Sheep Gate because of its symbolism as representing the sacrifice our Lord Jesus Christ made on our behalf to give us eternal life.

The blessed man of God, in a brief appraisal last week’s sermon, noted that he has embarked on a series regarding the gates because they signify a road-map to the rebuilding of lives. “As the Lamb of God, Christ gave up his life by walking through the Sheep Gate after which he was beaten, scourged, perforated, whipped, and mutilated before being finally sacrificed on the cross,” noted the apostle of God.

He noted that he shed his blood for our sake; therefore, it’s important for believers to unabashedly acknowledge His ultimate sacrifice for us to live righteous lives through an unconditional love of one another. “Because of Christ’s sacrifice, believers would be saved from death, sin, and eternal damnation to eternal life,” said the blessed man of God.

He then read Nehemiah 3: 3-4 as he shifted his attention to the second gate in the hierarchy of gates, “The Fish Gate.”  The Fish Gate was rebuilt by the sons of Hassenaah. They laid its beams and put its doors and bolts and bars in place.

“Meremoth son of Uriah, the son of Hakkoz, repaired the next section. Next to him Meshullam son of Berekiah, the son of Meshezabel, made repairs, and next to him, Zadok son of Baana also made repairs.”

The blessed man of God was conscious of the significance of some of the symbolism undergirding the names. From that perspective, he said, “Meremoth means deceit, and Uriah means the Lord is my light. After you have been deceived and betrayed, you need light to help you gather yourself again. Meshullam means peacemaker, and Meshezabel means the Lord is my deliverer.”

The apostle of God expounded that the Fish Gate was located in the east, and it was at the mouth of the Wall. “It was the Gate fishermen and fish mongers used to bring fish into Jerusalem, but when Christ came, he gave the Gate a new significance, according to the Gospel”

The Fish Gate was the gate Christ used in recruiting his pioneering disciples, so it has become symbolic of evangelizing and spreading the gospel to win souls for Christ and bring peace into their hearts. “If what you are doing is not in accordance with God, you would know no peace because peace of mind comes from him.”

He went on, “There is nothing higher than the most high; if Christ doesn’t give you peace, life wouldn’t be right.”

The blessed man of God provided evidence to illustrate that the Fish Gate was indeed the breeding ground for recruiting, where people also experienced the miraculous power of Jesus Christ. He read Matt. 4: 19-20: “And he said unto them, ‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of men. And at once they abandoned their nets and followed him.’”

Pastor Georges pointed out that the lesson to be learned from the pioneering disciples’ behavior is that as soon as Jesus spoke, they didn’t hesitate at all; they obeyed immediately. “Gold and silver are his, so the disciples abandoned their nets and followed him immediately. But what do we see today? Instead of coming to church on Sundays, we go to work in violation of God’s law,” noted the apostle of God.

He intimated that in situations like that one doesn’t even know where the money goes because the Lord hasn’t blessed it. In a rhetorical question, he asked, “Who gives you breath to go to work? We have to stand with obedience and the work of the Lord”

He cited Luke 5: 1-6 and how Simon Peter obeyed when Christ told him to take his boat to the deepest part of the sea and cast down their net. He did and immediately they caught a lot of fish when all night they had toiled for nothing. “When the Lord sends me a message to do something, I do it immediately; I don’t debate it in my mind or negotiate it. I just do it; that’s how my life became transformed,” noted Senior Pastor Georges.

“The Lord is the master of the universe; He holds all the seven seas in the palm of his hand. With God, you can’t fail. As the psalmist says in Psalm 127, ‘Except the Lord builds with the builders, they build in vain.’ You are at the Fish Gate. Let Christ hold your hand, for winners don’t quit.

“Today is a new day. Rise up and Christ will walk with you. He will take you from nothing to something, from nobody to somebody. He is the master of the universe and nothing surpasses him. It takes faith and evangelism to walk in the ways of the Lord,” asserted the blessed man of God.

He affirmed that the Church of God is not a retirement center but a place where lives are built. Reiterating on the need for Christians to listen to preachers of the word, he alluded to the rich man and Lazarus story in which the rich man asked Lazarus to send a message to his siblings that hell was fiendish, so they should change their lives, but Father Abraham told him they should listen to the prophets.

After citing Matthew 28: 19-20, he said, “Now that you believe, don’t come to church and chase everybody away. The value of your soul brought Christ to the world to save us . . . . You should be able to tell the devil about the sanctity of your soul. In evangelism, one must present one’s self as a living testimony. Through Christ we are all blessed. Talk about his power because through his power, we are all saved.”

He cited John 11: 21 to conclude his homily to remind us to be like Martha and exercise the same faith she had in Christ, when she cried, ‘Lord if you had been here, my brother wouldn’t have died. To sum up, he said, “The Kingdom of God is near. It doesn’t matter if you tried in the past and you failed. The Fish Gate brings people to Christ.

“Don’t abandon the Gate. It is the foundation of peace. Christ knows everyone’s location. Be a builder, not a destroyer. Be a peacemaker, not a troublemaker, and the Lord will bless you with blessings you can’t contain,” noted the Senior Pastor with assurance.






About Dr. Sam Doku
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