First Lady of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l Commemorates Women’s Anniversary with Powerful Homily on Love, Sex, and Marriage.

Lady Evangelist Mildred Ntemi serenaded her homily with Steve Wonder’s “I just Called to Say I Love You.” She minced no words in speaking truth to power.

The Virtuous Women tackled a topic many churches regard as forbidden terrritory, and they did it with grace, humor, and panache.

Before the first lady of Amazing Love Church Ministry Int’l, Mrs. Mildred Ntemi, mounted the podium of transfiguration to deliver her sermon, she participated in a short skit that foreshadowed her homily.

The skit was about a holier-than-thou woman, Sister Bella who seemingly was the embodiment of sanctity to her church members and all those acquainted to her. However, she was unabashedly exposed when sweet-talking Brother Jacoby, a notorious philanderer, came calling with an insincere and vain promise that he would marry her.

In spite of admonishing from a well-meaning church member about Brother Jacoby’s inglorious and dissembling ways, Sister Bella was infatuated by Jacoby’s sugar-coated words and fell for him, resulting in premarital sex.

Unfortunately for Bella, she became pregnant, but Jacoby, like many young men of today who feel petrified with raising a family, totally denied that it was he who impregnated Bella. Bella’s parents were devastated, and so too were friends of Bella who knew her as a God-fearing woman. It served as a stark lesson to educate the young women of the Church.

So impressed was Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi that at the end of the skit, he said, “There are lots of talents in this Church. We might as well have our own Broadway Studio here to be acting and producing Christian plays. But, we must watch out for the Jacoby’s in this Church, if there are any. We must beware of sweet talkers who will drive the children of God away from serving Him.”

And, freshly married Mrs. Gaeille Ntap advised the young women to abstain from premarital sex because of the dangers associated with it. “When you have premarital sex, you are not only defiling your body but also God’s holy temple. You risk the danger of contracting venereal diseases like gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV which is not curable.”

The theme for the women’s week-long celebration was “Love, Sex, and Marriage.” The blessed woman of God began by stating, “Love, Sex, and Marriage is a topic our pastors shy away from, but we have to attack it to prevent the Brother Jacoby’s of the Church from destroying the lives of some of our innocent, unsuspecting young girls and avoid Sister Bella issues.

“We took our theme from Ephesians 5: 3. It reads, ‘Let sexual immorality and every sort of uncleanness or greediness not even be mentioned among you, just as is proper for holy people.’”

Unpacking the verse, the first lady said, “The scripture says you should not even hint or think about sexual immorality because it is a sin. But ask yourself, How do you talk about sex with somebody knowing very well that it’s impossible to have sex with that person. What is love?

“It is word we use a lot, but what exactly is love? In the words of Mama Emillienne love, l-o-v-e, is a loaded word.”

The lady evangelist gave the carnal definition of love as a strong feeling of attraction to somebody. “When you see somebody, he or she might be handsome or beautiful, so you get attracted to them, but that is not love. In true love, something must be given. How does God define love? John 3:16 says, ‘For God so love the world that he gave us his only beloved son, and so whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.’

In a homily in which the Church’s first lady serenaded it with Steve Wonder’s “I just Called to Say I Love You,” she peppered everyone with a shortcoming, but she was particularly nonchalant when it came to young women with amorous intentions of seducing the pastors.

She reminded the young women that their bodies are the temples of God, so they must guard jealously against it so that certain parts of their corporeal frames don’t become soft like banana because no man likes soft bananas, borrowing a phrase from Mama Rose, who spoke on the topic a few days earlier.

“The way you dress can have sexually immoral connotations. To each his or her own so don’t copy blindly. If you have your eyes on the pastors, please close them,” she said to an uproar.

She then read 1 Cor. 8: 9-13, where Apostle Paul warns against obsession with food, calling it idolatry; the blessed woman of God analogized it with an obsession of wearing sexy clothes and called it another form of idolatry; therefore, it is a sin.

She recalled her youthful days when they gave a discomforting sobriquet to sex: “bad fashion,” so any time a friend had the temptation to do it, all they had to do was to tease the person that she wanted to indulge in “bad fashion,” and quickly the thought vamoosed from her mind.

She advised the young women to adopt such a strategy to help protect them from the Jacoby’s of the Church. She told the young women to operate by the principles of the Good Lord and refrain from watching porno, engaging in vulgar conversations, dirty talk, and obscene thoughts because they are all sinful in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lady Evangelist drew the attention of the Church to the confusion surrounding masturbation, saying, “Some say masturbation is the safest sex of all, but is it the will of the Lord? How do you have sex with yourself? If you do that, you are perverted.”

“If you want a good man, talk about God; dirty talk will only bring the wrong man to you. ‘Do not owe  anything to any man except to love one another, for whoever loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law,’ Romans 13: 8.

The Lady evangelist analogized that love is like a shepherd and sheep relationship so just like the sheep get lost when they go ahead of the shepherd, the man must show his wife the way he wants her to go. However, she reminded husbands that women are reproductive machines; “if you give them a word, they construct a sentence out of it; if you give them a sentence, they write a paragraph, if you give them a paragraph, they write a chapter, and if you give them a chapter, they write a book, so men must be wary and respectful of their women.”

She observed that some surmised that sex and good food are the gateway to a good marriage “but it takes a dedicated heart to love a man like he never imagined,” noted the dedicated first lady.

She derided married men who hide things from their wives. “Some men hide things from their wives. They hide bank accounts, houses, money, and other assets from their wives. But, what if all of a sudden, God calls you to a permanent rest. All the wealth would go somewhere else instead of to the family.

“Build God-fearing families deeply steeped in Christianity. The word of God should be the foundation of every relationship,” concluded the blessed evangelist.

Senior Pastor Ntemi commended his wife for a sermon brilliantly delivered in an extemporaneous fashion. “The sermon had something in it for everybody. Today is the day for the Virtuous Women, a day on which nobody should miss Church, but that wasn’t the case.”



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