Fountain Gate Is the Foundation of Peace, Healing, Hope, and Living Water

Ms. Grace Decca and the Voice of Cherubim


Ms. Odili Ngaska performs to the delight of the audience.

Senior Pastor Georges Ntemi’s series on the rebuilding of the life of the Christian through the figurative gates of Jerusalem continued unabated on Sunday, and the Fountain Gate was the lens that the blessed man of God used in dissecting his sermon.

In a terse review, he said, “The series on rebuilding the gates of our lives continues today. The Sheep Gate points at the cross; you cannot become a child of God without believing that Christ shed His blood for our salvation. The Fish Gate symbolizes the spreading of the gospel to win souls for Christ, while the Valley Gate is indicative of the fact that worshiping God does not mean one will have a life without problems.

“In the Valley Gate, you will experience trials, tribulations, and your fair share of troubles, but it is the way you handle yourself in the valley that determines God’s favor in your life. Your attitude determines how long you shall stay in the valley of woes. You have to realize that everything is not cozy in the valley, but if you persevere and still believe, your redemption is near.

“The Old Gate establishes the foundation of the Lord’s word. We must not rationalize and debate about the legitimacy of God’s commands. He says that marriage should be between a man and a woman but these days gender has become a bit confusing.

The Voice of Cherubim performs “It’s Raining.”

“When a former Olympic champion who participated in no less a grueling sport than the decathlon and decades later decided to alter his gender to share bathrooms with women, it questions not only God’s authority and but also His credibility.

“The Refuse Gate allows you to discard things that are nasty from your life. You have to refuse certain things to be part of your life to receive your blessings from the Lord,” said the blessed man of God in a pun.

Touching on his homily on Sunday, Pastor Georges noted that the next gate in the hierarchy is the Fountain Gate. “Fountain is the source of peace, love, blessing, healing, and righteousness. It is the source and origin of everything. Fountain is a place of purification where you can be united with God.”

After his assertions, he read Nehemiah 3: 15 in support thereof: “Shallun the son of Collozor, a prince of the District of Mizpah, repaired the Fountain Gate: he built it and its roof, set up its doors, its bolts, and its bars and also repaired the wall of the Pool of the Canal to the King’s Garden and as far as the Stairway that goes down from the City of David,” read Pastor Georges in polysyndeton discourse.

As part of his explanation of the quotation, he provided the etymology of some of the proper nouns. “Shallun means a man of prosperity and Collozor is another name for Jehovah Jireh, meaning the Lord is my provider, and He also sees everything. The importance of the Fountain Gate is that it is the only Gate that was roofed.

“Roofing it means the Lord has put His seal of protection on it. Under the canopy of the roof, my savior has covered me with his prosperity. Shallun also means Messenger, the source of Living Water. The King’s Garden is also where the kings of Israel were buried.

“When you are at the Fountain Gate, therefore, it means you are part of the Kingdom of God. The Fountain Gate is the source of everything, so it comes with a lot of responsibility,” said the apostle of God.

With a seeming inference to the profound love Nehemiah had for the Lord as a result of which he was tremendously blessed, Pastor Georges noted that  forsaking the Lord leads to mortification but worshiping Him, praising Him, and doing His will come with blessings one cannot contain.

In reference to the eternality of Christ, the blessed man of God conceptualized that the Old Testament is the conception, but the New Testament is the revelation.

Still, on the importance of the fountain as the source life and healing, Pastor Georges cited Zechariah 13:1 that says, “On that day, a well will be opened in the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem for cleansing sin and impurity.”

He noted that the well Zechariah spoke of generations before Christ was born was the Pool of Silom that was used by Christ to give sight to the blind.

Christ Himself proclaimed in John 7: 37-38, “On the last day, the great day of the festival, Jesus stood up and he called out: ‘If anyone of you is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whosoever puts faith in me, just as the Scripture has said: From deep within him, streams of living water will flow.’”

Pastor Georges added that when Christ was crucified, blood and water came out of him, the blood being for our salvation and the water for unity. “Your life is not your own; it belongs to Christ, to God. Therefore, if you make Him the fountain of your life, He would be the source of your life. If He becomes the source of your life, you don’t need anyone to counsel you; He is your counselor,” said the blessed man of God.

“When you seek Him, He gives you peace, joy, healing, prosperity, because He knows you need them.  God is not a confused God. Ask Him to bless you so that you can be a blessing unto others. His mercy allows us to receive things we deserve, and His grace permits us to have things we don’t deserve,” noted the apostle of God.

The Apostle of God advised the congregation not to meditate on negative things because God is the source of righteousness, peace, tranquility, and he asked the Lord to restore unto all the joy of salvation. At the end of it all, one should be able to unabashedly declare, “I have run the right race, so here I come Lord to partake in your Celestial blessings.”

Equally fascinating was the concert on Thanksgiving eve where artistes Grace Decca and Ms. Odile Ngaska were joined by the Voice of Cherubim to astound the audience with music that was so mollifying that it stirred the emotions of the audience to stay on their feet the entire time.

Particularly propitiating to Amazing Love Church Ministry members was the revelation that Pastor Georges can also write and produce his own music. His masterpiece, “It’s Raining” gloriously reverberated in the corners of the sanctuary as the Voice of Cherubim gave a rendition of it. During the nascent moments of the evening, when many thought the evening was getting rather bland and dull, it quickly sprang into a thrilling arena of sumptuous music with the rendition of “It’s Raining.” It was indeed a sanctifying night.





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