Water Gate and the Powerful Allegiance to the Word of God

Pastor Georges’s preaching on Sunday was exquisite because it was all on the Word of God..

In vindication of the truism that the Word of God is superior to everything, Senior Pastor Georges William Ntemi’s title for his sermon on Sunday was “The Water Gate or the Word of God,” and he preached with his usual passionate zeal, but his gusto, aplomb, and vivaciousness were matchless.

Water Gate was the next gate in the hierarchy of the Gates of Jerusalem, after the Sheep Gate, the Fish Gate, the Valley Gate, the Dung or Refuse Gate, and the Old Gate. Symbolically, the Water Gate, in the words of Pastor Georges, is the Word of God.

“The Water Gate speaks of the most important thing you need in your life—the Word of God. If you don’t have the Word, you can pray as much as you want, and your prayers may not be answered because the only language God understands is His Word,” said the blessed man of God.

Nehemiah 3: 22-26 claim, “And after him, the priests, men of the District of the Jordan did repair work.  And after them Benjamin and Haashub did repair work in front of their own house. After them Azariah the son of Maaseiah the son of Ananiah did repair work near his own house. . . . And the Temple servants who lived in Ophel did repair work as far as in front of the Water Gate on the east and on the protruding tower,” read the apostle of God.

According to the blessed man of God, amazingly all the gates in the hierarchy were repaired except the Water Gate, which is indicative of the supremacy of the Word of God. “Anytime Jerusalem was attacked, they were able to destroy all the gates, but the Water Gate was untouchable. Nothing can come against the Word of God. You can debate with Pastor Georges, but God’s word is always the ultimate.”

Isaiah 40: 7-8 says, “The green grass dries up. The blossom withers because the breath of the Lord blows upon it. Surely the people are but green grass. The green grass dries up. The blossom withers, but the Word of our God endures forever,” read Pastor Georges.

Unpacking the verses, the blessed man of God declared in one of the most profound and impressive descriptions he’s ever made: “We are just like the green grass; we are here today and gone tomorrow but the Word of God endures forever. It is unshakable; it’s supreme; it’s unchangeable; it’s immutable; it’s inimitable; it’s light; it’s indomitable; it’s indestructible.

“It has been established from generation to generation. They will worship me because I am the author and finisher of their faith.”

Pastor Georges punctuated his sermon with many Biblical verses to accentuate the importance he attaches to the Word of God. He read Nehemiah 8: 1-6 where the people of Israel stood for hours as Ezra read the word to them instructing them on the Laws of God as told by Moses in Leviticus.

The Lord is our shepherd.

From Ezra, Pastor Georges quoted Christ himself who said in Matthew 4: 4 that human beings must not live on food alone but on every Word that comes from the Lord, our God. “The word is your strength. Embrace it and read it every day because if the Devil was able to twist the word to tempt Christ Himself, how much more us, mere mortals?

“Read and understand the word because understanding the word means understanding what God has for your life. The word is the most powerful weapon in the hands of Christians. With the word, you can boldly tell Satan, ‘Go away from me, Devil; I am a child of the most-high God.’ Read the Bible for a purpose,” said the apostle of God.

In Matthew 7: 24-25, Christ tells us that we must not only be hearers of the word but also doers. “Christ is the Rock and our foundation must be built on Him. Christ is all we need; The Bible contains the mind of God. The blessed man of God. The Bible is Holy as it contains the plan for our salvation.The Bible is binding forever; you believe it, you will be saved, but if you don’t believe it, you would be condemned to burn in Hellish fire,” said Pastor Georges.

He added that one has the choice to obey and pave one’s way to the Celestial City littered with rich minerals or disobey at one’s own peril where destruction and death are impatiently waiting.

He reminded the congregation of Matthew 6: 33 where Christ tells us to make God and His word superior to anything and seek Him first to reap the reward thereafter. The senior pastor asserted that the word is life, so if one stops reading it, one is inviting destruction to take over one’s life.

In furtherance of more homage to the Lord, Pastor Georges pointed out, “You are still the Balm of Gilead. We speak your word into our lives and we experience miraculous changes. You are the greatest of all. You hold the seven seas and the entire universe in the palm of your hand. How magnificent and glorious you are! You are the Alpha and Omega.”

The consul of the Lord asserted the authority of the Lord in John 1: 1-4, a passage he unleashed extemporaneously; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This one was in the beginning with God. All things came into existence through him and apart from him, not even one thing came into existence by means of him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

Moreover, he alluded to Genesis 1: 26-27 and emphasized that because God created man and woman in His own image, he gave us dominion over all other living creatures, but we must have the word in us and believe it in order to have the power to do His will.

“Faith is everything. You are created out of power. Every word that comes out of one’s mouth knows two people: the speaker and the one to whom the word is intended. Therefore, if you speak carelessly against someone like the pastor who is protected, the word returns to the speaker. To that end, when you are cursed, bless the person that has cursed you,” noted Senior Pastor Georges.

Not for the last time, Pastor Georges lamented that because prayers have been taken out of public schools, parents must teach their children how to pray and the importance of the word in their lives. “Our children are fast copy-

cats, so if parents don’t teach their children about God, somebody else would fill the void, and usually it’s Satan and his demonic ways,” stated Pastor Georges William Ntemi.


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